Britney Spears' 'Lip Gloss Manicure' Is Sparking a New Trend at the Salon—Here's How to Get It

These jelly-inspired nails feature minimal color coverage, but lots of shine.

<p>Gram/Getty Images</p>

Gram/Getty Images

This spring has brought us tons of pretty manicures, including colorful pastel Skittles nails with a different shade on each finger and the Selena Gomez-inspired yellow butter nails. But the celebrity manicure inspo for this season hasn't stopped there.

Britney Spears recently showed off a new manicure, appropriately dubbed the 'lip gloss manicure', on her Instagram. Her square-shaped nails were painted with an ultra-shiny, light peachy pink polish with rhinestone details on her thumb and ring finger.

We spoke to a celebrity nail artist to find out just what the 'lip gloss manicure’ is, what variations are out there, and how to try it yourself at home or at your next salon appointment.

What Are Lip Gloss Nails?

The manicure gets its name thanks to its super shiny texture, reminiscent of your favorite juicy lip. "A lip gloss manicure is a delicate and sheer manicure with a hint of pink,” says Queenie Nguyen, nail artist for celebs like Jessica Alba, Alessandra Ambrosio, Elizabeth Banks, and many more. “It has a jelly-like finish and mimics the look of tinted lip gloss.”

<p>Queenie Nguyen</p>

Queenie Nguyen

As Nguyen suggests, the manicure emphasizes your natural nails and typically features a sheer pink polish, but other neutral tones and light pastel hues are sometimes incorporated.

How to Ask for Lip Gloss Nails at the Salon

If you’re heading to the nail salon, Nguyen says it’s best to ask for a light pink tinted jelly manicure. While this description should help them craft what you’re looking for, it’s never a bad idea to take a photo of the look you’re trying to achieve to ensure you get exactly what you want.

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Get the Lip Gloss Manicure at Home

If you’re looking to try giving yourself lip gloss nails, Nguyen recommends using Dior Nail Glow Polish. “It’s a perfect shade that will help achieve the lip gloss nails at home,” she says. “It has a beautiful lightly tinted pink shade to give the nails a healthy look while staying sheer and natural.”

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