'Brilliant' hack for making your milk last much longer goes viral

Marni Dixit
·Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
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As the coronavirus pandemic intensifies and Australians are warned against leaving their homes to go to the shops as often as we're used to due to coronavirus, one clever woman has found a way to make her milk last much longer.

Milk normally lasts up to a week once opened, but Danielle Chapman has shared a genius hack that means she never goes without milk in her tea and coffee.

Pouring milk into coffee
A woman's post about how to make milk last longer has gone viral. Photo: Getty

In a Facebook post, Danielle suggested people pour milk into ice trays or freezer ice cub bags so you could add the milk to your hot beverage when you need it.

"Freeze milk in ice cube trays, one is enough for a cup of tea or coffee," she wrote.

"So you don't have to defrost a full bottle of milk which may go to waste - this can save money as well as not having to go out so often to get fresh milk."

Danielle encouraged people to share the hack, especially so elderly people were made aware so they didn't have to leave the house so often.

The post has since had 40,000 shares with thousands of people saying they will now use the tip.

"What a fab idea," one user wrote. Someone else added, "Brilliant!"

Another asked whether the flavour would change with someone else assuring them that as long as you fully defrost the milk (like if you were to put it into a cup of tea or coffee) it won't be any different.

It comes after some people were suggesting people add salt to your milk to make it last up to seven days longer, because the salt slows down most bacterial growth.

Daily Mail reports that adding a dash of salt or bicarbonate of soda will reduce the bacterial activity in milk with experts saying just a few grains of salt will extend the life of your milk.

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