Brighten Up Your Morning Oatmeal With A Lemony Twist

oatmeal with lemon and honey
oatmeal with lemon and honey - Vera Prokhorova/Shutterstock

Lemon and oatmeal don't need to be an ingredient combination that stays at the spa. Punch up your morning meal with zesty, refreshing lemon to help you start the day on a brighter note. We're not only talking about a squeeze of the citrus, either. Think dried pieces of lemon rinds coated in sugar, lemon marmalades, and jam, or lemon paired with warm, soothing spoonfuls of blueberry compote that are placed aesthetically on top of warm bowls of oatmeal. This kind of presentation isn't just for the Gram; the energetic taste of this oatmeal bowl will supercharge even the slowest of mornings.

If your palate calls for something sweet for the first meal of the day, your zingy lemon oatmeal bowls can be turned into a treat that tastes more like dessert. Add pieces of graham crackers or homemade shortbread cookie crumbles to the top of your bowls before sweetening your creations with honey, molasses, or agave syrup. Topped with creamy dollops of Greek yogurt, you may feel like you're dining at a resort and want to add this recipe to your regular weekday morning meal rotation.

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A Zingy Morning Start

oatmeal with honey and lemons
oatmeal with honey and lemons - Marta Maziar/Shutterstock

Consider following this overnight oats recipe -- but with a lemony upgrade. Lemon zest and a squeeze of lemon juice can be quickly added to a jar of prepared oats, and all of your favorite oatmeal bowls and overnight oatmeal enhancers can be included. Sprinkles of chia or poppy seeds, splashes of vanilla extract, shavings of dark chocolate, and swirls of almond butter and tahini can turn breakfast into a luxuriously tasting and decadent affair.

Don't have any lemons at the ready? Lemon extract can pep up a regular bowl of oatmeal and be easily topped with crunchy flakes of sea salt and powdery sprinkles of cinnamon. Once your palate has been turned towards this bright combination of ingredients, you may want to make a batch of lemon curd to have on hand for quick inclusion into the next day's breakfast. Crowned with fresh raspberries or slices of strawberries and garnished with coconut flakes, your mid-week meal may have you feeling like you're on vacation, instead of rushing off to work.

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