Bridesmaid Faces Backlash for Choosing Taylor Swift Concert Over Best Friend's Wedding

Taylor Swift, woman wearing wedding dress

An Australian bride named Jessie faced a tough situation when her best friend and bridesmaid Olivia revealed that she planned to skip her wedding to attend Taylor Swift's Eras Tour.

The situation was laid out on the radio program called Fifi, Fev & Nick, with the bridesmaid explaining that she managed to get Swift tickets on the day of her best friend's wedding, Feb. 17, and planned to go, but she hadn't told her yet, despite the wedding being only a few weeks away.

Olivia also noted that the bride was already stressed due to other guests pulling out for the concert, telling the radio show hosts, “She's been talking about it for the last two weeks, about how Taylor's ruining her wedding and I've been like, ‘Oh no, it's all good.’”

Jessie then joined the call and her friend told her about the tickets, saying that she bought them before Christmas and "was thinking of trying to compromise" by leaving mid-wedding to attend the concert and returning after.

“Is this a prank? Are you joking?” the bride responded, leading Olivia to talk about the difficulty of getting tickets and how much she adores Swift, calling it a "once in a lifetime" experience. The two women left the radio show to attempt to resolve the issue by themselves.

Fifi, Fev & Nick shared the clip on social media, and many people, both Swifties and non-Swifties, debated in the comments whether or not the bridesmaid was in the wrong.

The majority appeared to side with the bride, such as one person who replied, "I’m speechless 😶 I can’t believe anyone could do that to their best friend."

Another said, "I think the Bridesmaid did the Bride a favour - open your eyes she ain't your friend!" while someone else referenced one of Swift's songs to say, "Wow 😮 bye bye 👋 bad blood doesn’t even cover it… sad 😔."

"Omg as a swiftie i would never miss my best friends what???" wrote a fan of the singer, not understanding Olivia's argument.

Hoping to find an alternative that could work for both women, one person suggested, "Find someone who will trade their ticket for her ticket on a different day, problem solved. 🙌."

There were also a few people who felt like the bridesmaid didn't do anything wrong, with one such commenter writing, "Bride could easily move her wedding day."

Swift will be performing in Melbourne as part of her Eras Tour from Feb. 16 to 18, followed by Sydney tour dates from Feb. 23 to Feb. 26.

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