Brides Are Revealing "How Their Mother-In-Laws Ruined Their Weddings" And It's Messier Than I Could've Ever Imagined

Reddit user u/Separate_Storm_7437 asked, "What weird stunt did your mother-in-law (MIL) pull when you got married?" and the stories came FLOODING in. I was prepared for some messy stories, but the audacity of some of these mother-in-laws truly blew me away.

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Here are the top-voted answers:

1."I have a story on behalf of my friend who has a MIL in competition for being the absolute fucking worst. The wedding colors were white and gold. Easy, classy, timeless. Her MIL showed up in a lime green Vegas show-girl dress. I'm talking enormous sequins, a slit running up to mid-thigh lined with green tulle ruffles, the whole nine yards. And then she made a huge show of sobbing into the groom's chest during the mother-son dance. She stood out like a glittery green zit in every single wedding photo. My friend kept it together through all of it."


2."My MIL 'disappeared' from the hallway and missed her cue to be escorted to her seat. She magically reappeared after my maid of honor walked, trotting up the aisle like a show pony before me, waving, kissing, and greeting everyone on their side. She probably took five minutes to get to her seat."

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3."We had a destination wedding and she took the honeymoon suite..."


4."My MIL insisted that we hold our wedding reception at her home, then after bullying us until we agreed, she ripped out the lawn and had trees planted in the only area we could put up the tents. She then left on a trip to Australia and didn’t return until two days before the wedding. She rearranged everything and insisted that her doll house take center stage at the reception. No that isn’t a typo. My 55-year-old MIL decorated her doll house for our wedding and wanted to display it front and middle on the dining room table where the wedding cake was to be displayed. I ended up threatening to cancel the wedding and throw her doll house off the second-floor landing if she didn’t back off."

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5."My MIL had to be center stage in every photo, which cut into my bridal portraits time. I ended up not getting any of my portraits done."

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6."She dumped a glass of red wine all down the front of my beautiful custom wedding dress. It's been five years and I still don't forgive her. My husband was absolutely stunned. I spent a good hour trying to get the stain out of my dress and he kept her away from me. She kept grabbing at me and crying saying we were best friends. We are not."


7."I was running a few minutes late and she told the officiator that the wedding wasn't happening anymore and that he should go home. He was in his car, about to drive off when I got there. I was so confused and only found out later when a guest who overhead told me what happened. Glad they're my ex in-laws. Fuck them."

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8."My sister-in-law came out as a lesbian a year before my wedding. She asked if she could bring her girlfriend as her guest. I said yes. Then, my MIL said she wouldn't come to wedding if the girlfriend came. I said, 'Okay have a good one then.' The sister-in-law and her girlfriend ended up coming and she didn't. This was eight years ago. They are now married now."


9."She yelled, 'That's enough kissing!' during our ceremony."

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10."She called me two days before the wedding and told me that her and her two daughters weren’t able to come because 'her car wouldn’t be able to make the drive and they can’t afford plane tickets.' My husband was so upset when I had to tell him the news."


"This is some bullshit, making you have to tell your husband so you would be the bad guy."


11."My mother was the MIL when it came to our wedding. She hated everything. The wedding venue, the food, the music, how long the wedding would be. I ended up just cutting her out of all the decision-making, including dress buying because I didn't trust that she had my best interests at heart. I honestly think she was trying to project her dream wedding (that she didn't get) onto me. She told my husband he was selfish and judgmental...after spending weeks being selfish and judgmental of every choice we made. On the day of my wedding, she was moping around making comments about my hair and makeup choices, not having any bridesmaids, letting people see me as I was getting dressed. My dad ended up pulling her aside and gave her a pep talk to the tune of, 'This is your only daughter. It is her day, not yours. Get over yourself and support her.' She behaved for the rest of the day."

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12."We had a small beach wedding. While waiting for the ceremony to begin, she loudly talked her theory that we are related because of some of our ancestors' last names being similar..."


13."My MIL took my husband out for lunch the day before our wedding. She gave him a plane ticket for the day of our wedding and said, 'if you need an out, but don’t want to say it.' We've been married almost 15 years now, have three kids, and she still tells him monthly 'you can still leave y’know.'"

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14."Not MIL, but grandmother-in-law showed up to our wedding with a frozen ham because 'It was in the freezer and she figured the guests could eat it.' My husband said it had probably been in the freezer for over 10 years."


And finally...

15."We eloped to avoid this kind of drama, then only had a small dinner party with family and some of our closest friends. My MIL invited people I had never even met."

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