Bride's In-Laws Invite 10 Extra Guests to Wedding Without Asking — They Had Nowhere to Sit at Reception

The bride shared the dilemma on Reddit, sparking a spirited discussion about wedding etiquette



A bride's carefully planned wedding turned into a logistical nightmare after her in-laws added 10 extra people to the guest list — without asking.

The bride explained the sticky situation in a recent Reddit post on the always popular subreddit "Am I an A------?" and sparked a spirited discussion about wedding etiquette.

"I married my husband last weekend after about a year of planning," the bride wrote. "The ceremony went off perfectly even with kids in the church. The formal photos weren't delayed. No one got drunk and wrecked anything. No one insisted on bringing their emotional support goat."

"The only hitch was that my in-laws invited about 10 extra people without telling us," she continued. "Not relatives or anything — just friends of theirs we did not invite since we don't know them."

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She explained that the extra guests blended into the crowd at the ceremony so she didn't notice their presence until the reception, when there were no seats available for them.

"Our best man and groomsmen found a folding table and chairs for them to sit at. There was food, we went with a buffet, but since we sent the tables to eat by number and they didn't have a number they were sent last after everything had been picked over," she recounted.

This evidently upset her in-laws, who confronted the bride and said they were "embarrassed" that their friends were being treated that way.

"I very politely asked them what they expected when they invited people without telling the people planning and paying for the wedding," the bride explained.

However, her in-laws still weren't satisfied and requested that she apologize to their friends. "I said I would but I would also explain that they had not actually been invited. If they wanted their guests told anything else then they had to go explain," she wrote.

Following the unfortunate incident, the bride said there is now tension between her and her in-laws. "They are upset with me. My husband has my back 100%. I think I could have been more gracious, but I also think it should not have fallen on us to deal with it," she concluded her post.

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The post garnered more than 1,600 comments, with many people defending the bride's stance.

"Your in-laws are of course entirely out of line. But the people they invited are also a------- for even showing up!" one person wrote. "They did not receive an actual invite. Is this their first day on earth? Do they not know how weddings work? They didn't think it was odd that their 'invitation' was a verbal one from the groom's parents, and not a physical paper one sent in the mail by the couple?"

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Another commenter, who said they are getting married next year, shared that they have already hedged against such a situation happening at their own wedding by broaching the subject with their parents beforehand. "Before we did anything, we sat all the parents down and said, 'If we don't know them or have a relationship with them, they aren't invited,'" they wrote.

"They were essentially wedding crashers. The fact they got seated and fed is surprising. At least Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson made sure people had a great time while crashing weddings," another person joked, referencing the 2005 comedy classic Weddings Crashers.

Several commenters also told the bride that her husband should have been the one to deal with the situation with the extra guests since his parents created the issue.

"Would’ve had my husband handle it," they wrote. "His family, his crazy. I handle my crazy family — helps us keep the peace."

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