Bride's incredible 50kg weight loss to fit into dream wedding dress

Gemma Dobbing shed 50kg to fit into her dream wedding dress. Photo: KENNEDY NEWS AND MEDIA

A bride has detailed the incredible journey to fit into her dream wedding dress—including shedding 50kg before the big day.

Gemma Dobbing, from Newcastle, in the UK, revealed inspiration for the change came after firming up her nuptials’ details a year before they took place, leaving her 12 months to undertake the transformation.

At her heaviest, 32-year-old said she used to gorge on Chinese takeaways and chocolate bars which saw her weight creep up to 107kg.

The final straw

Before making the switch, Gemma said her last straw came when she looked at pictures of her three-year-old son Charlie's birthday party and didn't recognise herself.

"I saw a photo of myself on Facebook with Charlie on my hip and I thought 'oh my god, is that really me?” she said.

"Friends would invite me on nights out and initially I would say yes, but then on the day I would change my mind.

"I didn't have any clothes to fit me. I would just wear a baggy t-shirt or leggings. I suddenly didn't like to go out. I stopped going out and being myself because of my weight.”

Gemma was with her husband Alan for seven years before they married last month. Photo: KENNEDY NEWS AND MEDIA

But 12 months after deciding to lose weight, Gemma had shed an incredible 50kg after joining Slimming World in the lead up to her wedding.

Within four weeks she had shifted 3kg and was determined to set a goal of buying a size 14 dress for her big day, which took place last month.

"The next month I went to the bridal shop and bought a wedding dress for the following September,” she said.

"It made me determined to stay on plan. I knew I wanted to fit into that dress.

"I was a size 22 and it was size 14 - but it was the dress of my dreams.

Gemma looked nothing short of stunning on her big day. Photo: Kennedy News and Media

"My mum said 'you really shouldn't do this' as I signed a waiver, confirming I was aware it didn't fit when I bought it.

When her wedding finally came around Gemma had surpassed her goal and weighed in at 57kg in the week before the big day.

"When I put it the dress on it still didn't fit - but this time it was too big!” she said.

Gemma also said her now-husband and partner of seven years, Alan never commented on her weight, but told her to do what she needed to do to feel good.

"Alan had always just said to me to do what I want to do, but when he saw me on our wedding day, he had a tear in his eye and said I looked beautiful and like a princess."

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