Bride sparks debate after asking wedding guests to dress entirely in black: ‘RIP to the single life’

Bride sparks debate after asking wedding guests to dress entirely in black: ‘RIP to the single life’

A bride has taken black-tie attire a step further by asking all of her guests to dress completely in black for her wedding.

On Thursday 7 September, Jordan Bussey posted the results of her request to TikTok, where she goes by the username @jorbussey. “When you ask your guests to wear all black to your wedding and they nail it,” text across the screen reads.

The video showed a crowd of people all dressed in black, whether it be suits or dresses, as they walked down the aisle to their seats before the nuptials. For the occasion, both the bride and groom wore white, with the bride wearing a classic white wedding gown and the groom opting for a white suit jacket. The couple was joined by their wedding party, who were also dressed entirely in black.

Since the video of the unusual dress code was uploaded on TikTok, it has gained almost five million views, in addition to over 1,000 comments. However, viewers in the comments were torn over whether or not they liked the idea of wearing black to a wedding.

Some viewers said they were on board because a dress code with an easy colour option like black makes it easier to find something to wear. “I would be SOO happy to get a wedding invite that says ‘black attire,’ takes all the stress away of finding something to wear!!! Love it!" one viewer wrote.

Another person agreed, writing, “Black is such a good dress code because it’s so easy for the guests!! Such a common colour and they can get anything in black.”

“I love the way coordinated guest attire really simplifies the overall vibe of the venue,” someone else noted, praising the decision to have a black dress code.

Other viewers were pleased that, based on the TikTok, all of the guests seemed to abide by the bride’s wishes, but one individual asked if Bussey received any criticism over the dress code. “Did you get any negative reactions from guests or push back?” they asked. “I’m thinking about doing this for my wedding!”

Bussey replied, writing: “Some didn’t understand and were confused why there was a dress code but I put examples and pictures on my website of what would be good to wear!”

Although some viewers praised the black dress code, not everyone agreed, as some commenters questioned the logistics of the dress code. "It’s giving funeral vibes... weddings should be colourful," one viewer wrote.

In response, Bussey wrote, "So sorry you feel that way! Thank goodness it was my wedding."

Other commenters used jokes to make fun of the dress code. “RIP to the single life,” one viewer wrote. “I’m sorry for your loss,” another joke read.

People also questioned Bussey’s decision to have a outdoor summer wedding while also asking guests to wear black. “Black attire in heat is devious but they devoured,” one commenter wrote.

“Love that everyone listened!! But black attire outside in the heat is crazyy,” another agreed.

The Independent has contacted Bussey for comment.