Bride's incredible 30kg transformation after Covid delays wedding

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The Covid-19 outbreak forced all of us to cancel or postpone plans big and small but for Brisbane bride Kate Broughton there was a silver lining.

The 33-year-old travel agent ended up transforming her size 28 figure by dropping an impressive 30kg after having to push back her dream wedding by a whole year.

A woman wearing a long floral print dress in front of red balloons
Bride-to-be Kate transformed her size 28 figure after postponing her wedding due to Covid. Photo: (supplied).

"Covid forced me to postpone my dream wedding but it was the best thing that could have happened," Kate tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I dropped five dress sizes while I waited!" she adds.

In March 2019, Kate's partner of eight years, Arley, popped the question on a romantic holiday in Fiji and the couple set a date for June 6th the following year.

"Covid wasn’t even a thing when we got engaged. Little did we know," she says.

When Brisbane plunged into its first lockdown in April 2020 Kate and Arley decided to reschedule their big day for exactly 12 months later on June 5th, 2021.


Side by side images of a woman wearing a black dress and the same woman wearing a white wedding dress
Kate before losing 30kg (left) and looking fabulous on her wedding day. Photo: Frankly Photography (supplied).

'I wasn’t happy'

Disappointed and down due to the wedding delay as well as a huge pandemic-induced downturn in the travel industry, Kate wasn't feeling great about herself at that point.

"Things weren’t going my way and to add to all that, I wasn’t happy with my appearance," she explains.

She recalls an upsetting experience on an earlier work trip to Los Angeles where a request for a seatbelt extender on the plane left her in tears.

"I needed a seatbelt extender and asked the hostess to get me one, and she made a big scene about it and I cried on the plane, alone.

"Being a travel agent of all things, I wanted to travel and feel comfortable, so I knew I had to do something about my weight, and now, I had a full year to do something about it."

Kate decided to focus on being the best version of herself before walking down the aisle; "I wanted to stand up and be proud and not worry about what I was going to look like in photos."

Having found little success with weight loss meal delivery services in the past, it was on her mum's suggestion that Kate tried WW (formerly Weight Watchers).

"I read into WW and was really drawn to the holistic approach. The program had a great catalogue of recipes – even cakes and muffins so I wouldn’t feel deprived - but also focused on member’s mental wellbeing and mindset," she says.

A blonde woman wearing a floral dress anda  flower crown
Kate found success through WW (formerly Weight Watchers). Photo: (supplied).

30kg lighter

As Kate began to lose weight, lockdown restrictions eased and the day of her nuptials neared — but there was just one problem that she'd never expected.

"I was now 30 kilos lighter and my dress was way too big! I had gone down from a size 28 to size 16," she says.

Thankfully Kate found a local dressmaker to adjust the gown which she'd purchased on that fateful work trip to LA.

"My wedding day was everything I could have ever imagine and more. I was so proud of myself, being able to achieve so many goals along the way."

Kate says that her family and friends were very supportive throughout her WW journey, and were so amazed at her transformation both inside and out.

"My regular customers at the travel agency have to do a double-take and make sure it’s really me," she says.

A bride and groom stand together in a park on their wedding day
Kate and her husband on their big day. Photo: Frankly Photography (supplied).

A year on from her wedding, Kate feels grateful to have had the extra 12 months to prioritise her health and well-being.

Not only has she learnt valuable healthy eating habits, but she's also learnt to prioritise herself after always putting others first.

"With the help of my WW coach, I was able to tell friends that they’d have to wait until after I exercised to meet them," she explains.

Kate says she's still on her weight loss journey and is inspired to keep going based on how good she's feeling now.

"A year ago I never would have thought I would lose that amount. A few kilos maybe? But not 30!"

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