Bride and Groom Go Viral After Adopting Stray Cat That Interrupted Their Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

"The cat distribution system was working overtime for this one" the couple wrote on their TikTok dedicated to felines @gatsby.and.daisy

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While standing at the altar exchanging vows during their wedding, a bride and groom suddenly noticed loud, strange sounds coming from the woods behind them. Minutes later, they found the source.

In a viral TikTok video posted by gatsby.and.daisy, (an account run by Matt and Cara, dedicated to their cats) a member of the couple's wedding party can be seen telling to the confused bride, "A cat is meowing." The unexpected announcement was met with a burst of laughter. "I have to stop this because of the cat," the groom Matt then told the guests.

While the couple's guests and bridal party could hear the meows loud and clear, Matt explained that the noise was initially drowned out by the sound of his own voice as he recited his vows over the microphone.



"All we noticed was everyone laughing during our vows," he captioned over footage from the couple's big day. "I was kind of annoyed." After realizing it was a tiny feline, the couple got a kick out of the coincidence.

"There she was sitting on a tree stump right behind us demanding to be heard. We are huge cat people, our names together are Catt. We even had cat cake toppers. So this was kind of crazy. She quieted down after all this for the rest of the ceremony but it truly felt like a sign."

Weeks later, the venue reached out to the couple and let them know that they had caught the cat. "We knew we had to have her," they wrote over a photo of the cat whom they named Daisy. "She has been the perfect addition."

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In a follow up video, the couple revealed that the wedding venue staff had to work hard to catch Daisy by feeding her shrimp.

"Loud mouths get food. Loud mouths that interrupt weddings get new homes," they captioned the video.

The staff took the cat to an animal shelter where she received medical attention before Matt and Cara came to pick her up.



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Aside from Daisy, the couple also has another cat named Gatsby, who they also post about on TikTok. Following the adoption, the couple posted a video of the two cats lying on top of each other.

"and she got a new best friend too!" the caption read.

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