Bride's DIY wedding heels get mixed reactions online

Woman bride dress white shoes in her wedding day
Woman bride dress white shoes in her wedding day

A bride-to-be has shared her clever hack to transform a pair of plain $15 nude shoes from Kmart into ‘blingy’ wedding shoes.

Revealing the transformation was much “easier than it looks”, she posted photos on a Facebook group to show other Kmart fans, but the look received mixed reactions online.

“I have just hacked the Kmart women's ‘court shoe heel’ and changed it to a blingy wedding shoe,” she wrote in a post.

Aside from the pair of heels, she used fine glitter and a type of glue called Mod Podge, which you can get from Spotlight for $10, painting it on the shoes first.

$15 Kmart nude heel transformed for wedding
The $15 Kmart nude heel was the starting point. Photo: Facebook

She does stress that “less is best” when it came to the glitter, explaining she did thin layers to avoid lumps or bumps. The woman also said not to paint over creases/sewed parts of shoe.

“Or you will get cracks in your glitter layer (paint up to the edges and leave the gap between the sewed pieces),” she added.

Finally once the glitter is dry, paint over with a final layer of the glue in order to seal it all in.

DIY wedding shoes glitter and nude heels
The final product. Photo: Facebook

Many in the Kmart fan group loved the end result and dubbed the idea “brilliant”.

“They look amazing great hack. Thanks for sharing,” one person commented.

“Look ok to me. Better than paying $700 for them,” another added.

Some people however did point out that a very similar shoe could probably be bought from cheap shoe stores, without the effort.

“You can get sparkly nice heels on sale all the time for under $50. They’re only worn once so I don’t see the point in spending a lot either,” one woman wrote online.

“You can buy the same thing for $15, often actually at Kmart, without spending $20 on glue,” another agreed.

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