Only Those Who Know No Fear Can Successfully Get Through These 16 Photos Without Choking

1.This phone that whispers directly to your ear with its mustache tickling you:

Crocheted phone in the shape of a person, with keypads on the chest and two head-like ends, displayed on glass
kryptoshot /

2.And this person who is sporting permed eyelashes:

permed eyelashes
dasurica /

3.This monster who decided to squeeze their belly button into a washer:

A belly button pushed through a washer
ProfStorm /

4.These heathens who thought it was a good idea to touch eyeballs:

Close-up of two people's faces nearly touching, focusing on the eye of one person
Freeman8472 /

5.And this individual who enjoys this disgusting combo:

Bowl containing sliced bananas mixed with fish heads
hildaworld /

6.This snail who has a wasp's nest stuck to it:

A snail crawls on a person's finger, with a wasp nest attached to it
dante7894 /

7.This freaky life-size cucumber person:

A person made out of cucumbers
Mifficer /

8.Whoever decided this design was a great look:

Badly cut hair

9.And whoever thought this one was, too (I guess no poop will ever get stuck in its fur):

A dog's hindquarters that have been shaved
Kerblimey /

10.The odd one who thought eyelashes on glasses was a statement:

Eyelashes on someone's glasses
DenshaDev /

11.The person who is making everyone wince with this idea:

A close-up of a hand using a metallic bottle opener to open a bottle cap
randomuser2984 /

12.And the person who is creeping everyone out with theirs:

Person standing in a forested area, wearing gloves and shorts with visible dirt on skin and clothing
cakeboyplum /

13.These really scary looking urinals:

Urinals with very small openings
ThatterribleITguy /

14.And this really squished cat:

A white cat is sleeping snugly in a round hanging bed attached to a cat tree
surfnbrd /

15.This dog who should never have been subjected to this:

A dog with an edited image to appear as if it has human legs in tights and high heels in different poses
whaleitsalongtail /

16.And this creature that will now haunt your nightmares. Goodbye.

Hairless baby marsupial nestled in a knitted blanket, held in someone's hand
r/awwwtf /