'Boyfriend Blush' Will Give You the Rosiest Cheeks—Here's How to Apply It

It's all about the placement.

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You're probably familiar with using blush to sculpt your face, but this new makeup trend is doing just the opposite. 'Boyfriend blush' refers to a more natural-looking blush application method that adds some rosy color to your cheeks as though you just finished a good workout session.

The best part is, it's really easy to do. We asked two beauty experts to give us the step-by-step instructions for those looking to switch up their makeup routine for the summer.

What Is Boyfriend Blush?

“This trend is an extension of the natural girl aesthetic,” says celebrity makeup artist and director of Lashify Pro, Beau Nelson. “It mimics the way boys flush after playing sports or being out in the sun.”

Founder and CEO of Jamie Makeup, Jamie Greenberg, agrees, saying that this ruddy blush look is supposed to resemble your “boyfriend’s cheeks after a rugby match” (à la Prince William and Harry in the late 2000s).

While this look may be trending right now with an attention-worthy name, Greenberg assures us it is not actually something new. “It’s a classic and I love it,” she says. “It’s been around for decades.”

How to Get the Look

Before you even begin, Nelson suggests making sure you're using a cream blush. He explains that while you can still get this look with a powder blush, the texture of cream blush is “super easy to work with and gives a little luminosity to the skin.”

When it comes to the shade, Nelson says to choose a color that is in the red, berry, or deep pink family. He recommends Violette FR Bisou Blush in the shade AÏSSA for deeper skin tones, while INÈS looks great on lighter skin tones. He also suggests trying Lashify Flush, “which is PH activated for a custom color unique to you.”

Greenberg created her own blush color called The Cherry One, which was based on the freshly flushed look just after doing 50 jumping jacks, she says. Her blush offers a “natural cheek reaction” and is combined with highlighter for a luminous finish.

To apply the blush of your choice, apply the blush to the apple of your cheek using a fluffy brush. Be mindful of the way you sweep the brush along your skin. “Instead of going towards the ear, think about making a loose upside-down triangle, add a little to your nose and whatever remains on the brush on your hairline just to bring a subtle unity to the face,” Nelson says.

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