The Boy and the Heron Is Returning To Theaters Next Week

The Boy and the Heron Hiriko

The Boy and the Heron, the latest film from legendary director Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, is a really lovely film, and it certainly has been getting a lot of attention. Off the back of a very successful trip to the Oscars, it’s also coming back to theaters, for anyone who missed it the first time.

Distributor GKIDS has announced that The Boy and the Heron will be returning to theaters in North America next week. The film is set to show at a number of locations across the US and Canada, with both the original Japanese dub with English subtitles and the English dub available depending on the location.

The new screenings start next week, on March 22, 2024, and will include some bonus features not seen in previous showings. That includes an introduction from Joe Hisaishi, the film’s composer, and a featurette with supervising animator Takeshi Honda.

The Boy and the Heron opened to strong ticket sales in Japan upon its release last year, despite a curious marketing campaign — or lack thereof. No trailers or screenshots of the film were released prior to its launch in theaters, with potential filmgoers encouraged to see the film if they want to know more about it.

That strategy didn’t quite hold for the West, where there were plenty of teasers, trailers, and screenshots released, but both approaches seem to have worked. The Boy and the Heron has brought in over $167 million at the box office worldwide, becoming the first original anime film to reach number one at the box office in the US.

It’s also become a highly decorated film, earning itself the BAFTA for Best Animated Film, and Best Animated Feature at both the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. On a slightly smaller scale, it also picked up two awards at the Annie Awards, which honors animated productions in particular.

Visit the GKIDS The Boy and the Heron page to book your tickets now.

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