TV gone wrong: Bottle of coke explodes in Natarsha Belling's face

Olivia Morris

Natarsha Belling has proven a science experiment on live television can go severely wrong after a bottle of coke exploded in her face on Thursday.

In a segment on Studio 10, a risky experiment involving a coke bottle and liquid nitrogen didn't go quite to plan.

The host was assisting a scientist during the live TV demonstration while guest co-host Roxy Jacenko kept a clear distance. Watch the video above.

The experiment involved a coke bottle and liquid nitrogen. Source: Ten
Roxy made sure to keep her distance. Source: Ten

Natarsha was holding the coke while the scientist poured the nitrogen into the bottle but she wasn't really clear on what she should be doing.

"What do I do with it?" the 42-year-old presenter asked.

Her confusion seemed to annoy the scientist as he complained out of frustration, "I've done it twice, you should've been watching."

"I wasn't watching," Natarsha snapped.

And that's the moment it all went wrong.

There the bottle blows. BOOM. Source: Ten

The host dropped the bottle and then BOOM.

The bottle exploded almost hitting Natarsha in the face while she shrieked in fear running away.

PR queen Roxy also looked terrified as she screamed at the explosion while covering her face.

Natarsha claimed she couldn't hear out of her right ear following the whole ordeal. Source: Ten

"I can't hear out of my right ear," Natarsha said as she returned to camera.

Lesson learned, kids. Just be careful when you're doing science experiments at home.

Be has reached out to Roxy, who witnessed the whole ordeal, for a comment.

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