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Bose's QuietComfort Earbuds II are on sale for $249 right now

The QuietComfort 45 headphones are also on sale.

Photo by Billy Steele/Engadget

Now's the time to go shopping if you've been tempted by Bose's QuietComfort Earbuds II but were put off by the high initial price. As part of a broader sale on Bose products, Amazon is selling the premium wireless earbuds for $249, or $50 off. That's the best price we've seen all year, and puts them into more direct competition with the AirPods Pro and similar rivals. If you prefer over-ear headphones, the QuietComfort 45 headphones are down to $279.

Bose's premium wireless earbuds are at their best price this year.
$249 at Amazon

The QuietComfort Earbuds II are a good choice if you value active noise cancellation (ANC) first and foremost. It's strong enough that you can block even loud noises — ideal for a flight or train ride. The buds have a more dynamic and open sound than their predecessors, and they're more comfortable than before. If you mainly listen to music to escape the pressures of everyday life, they're worth considering.

There are caveats. You won't find multipoint connectivity or wireless charging like you do with other wireless earbuds in this class. Call quality is mediocre, too. It's still hard to top the ANC performance, though, and the sale price eliminates our main objection to Bose's offering.

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