Bluey's Melanie Zanetti (Chilli) addresses fan theories

Yahoo Australia is on the red carpet for the 63rd TV WEEK Logie Awards, chatting with all your favourite Aussie stars!

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Video transcript

- How does it feel to be at the Logies? I mean, "Bluey" is just the biggest show in the world. You're nominated for a million awards. What is it like being here celebrating "Bluey?"

- It's really nice doing it on home turf. It's really lovely because I've been to awards for "Bluey" overseas. But this is not the first one, but one of the first ones here. So it's really nice.

- And because we are celebrating Australian TV tonight, "Bluey" is probably the biggest Australian TV show. But how are the fan encounters for being a voice actor? What is that like? Do people just instantly recognize your voice?

- No. You're very incognito, which I love. But when they find out, the children don't care. They have cognitive dissonance. Parents just like lose their mind.

- Yeah. What is the fan base, because I imagine parents love "Bluey" just as much as their kids?

- They really do, but I just found out tonight on TikTok that there is like all of these teenagers who are obsessed and having "Bluey" birthday parties, which I think is wild and wonderful.

- There are some insane fan theories on TikTok as well. I mean, have you heard any of the "Bluey" fan theories? Or what's the wildest fan theory you've heard?

- I heard some slanderous things about Chili and Lucky's dad, which are not true, just for the record. Bandit and Chili forever.