Blue Wiggle back on his feet after medical emergency

Anita Lyons
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The Wiggles are back on Australian soil after blue Wiggle, Anthony Field’s Boston mishap which landed him at the medical emergency room.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday morning, Anthony posted a photo of himself with Emma “yellow Wiggle” Watkins and Lachlan “purple Wiggle” Gillespie arriving home, and also updated fans on his wellbeing.

“Smashed it” on tour and I’m not talking about the shows!,” he wrote. “Great fun overseas, great to be back! No revolving doors! #thewiggles”.

Anthony was of course referring to the incident where he walked the wrong way into a revolving door, resulting in a whopping 12 stitches in his nose.

Speaking to Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little on the Carrie and Tommy Show on the Hit Network last week, the 55-year-old revealed that the drama didn’t stop after the stitches.

In fact, the Wiggles show must go on, and he performed for a US audience that very evening and unfortunately, it wasn’t without an incident.

Anthony Field – the blue Wiggle – has recovered from his nose mishap where he was given 12 stitches. Source: Getty Images.

“Simon [Pryce – the red Wiggle] was looking over to me and indicating to my nose and the blood was leaking out all over the place, and it was one of the worst…” he said, before Carrie interrupted asking if the kids “freaked out”.

“I think only a couple of the rows saw it, one of the roadies brought on a rag, but I was like ‘it’s not clean man!’,” he said.

The Wiggles are back on home soil after ‘smashing’ their US leg of their tour. Source: Getty Images

What a shamozzle!

We’re glad he’s back on his feet and back on home soil, where there are very limited revolving doors.

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