Blue Bell's Latest Collab Is the Perfect Summertime Treat

Hint: It involves a favorite soda.

<p>Blue Bell/Allrecipes</p>

Blue Bell/Allrecipes

When it comes to making a summer treat to help cool off, building a root beer float is a super easy choice. Simply scoop some ice cream into a glass and pour your favorite root beer over top. Grab a straw and a spoon, and enjoy. Even if you choose to go with a Gourmet Root Beer Float, adding some whipped cream and a cherry takes another 10 seconds—unless, of course, you choose to make the whipped cream. For a root beer float, though, we think canned whipped topping works just fine.

There really isn’t a need to make a root beer float easier (nor did we didn't think there was a way), but the ice cream brand Blue Bell just broke the mold to give us what we didn't know we needed this season.

Blue Bell’s A&W Root Beer Float Ice Cream

Last summer, Blue Bell released Dr Pepper Float Ice Cream, vanilla ice cream with creamy swirls of Dr Pepper sorbet. It must have been a hit because this year, Blue Bell is teaming up with another soda brand for an ice cream made with the flavor most associated with an ice cream float—root beer.

The A&W Root Beer Float Ice Cream is similar to the Dr Pepper version. It essentially just swaps out the soda flavors. Blue Bell describes it as “creamy vanilla ice cream swirled together with an A&W Root Beer flavored sherbet.”

“We received many requests for an A&W Root Beer Float Ice Cream,” said Blue Bell's general sales manager John Neal Robinson. “After the huge success of Dr Pepper Float Ice Cream last year, we were ready to work together on another delicious flavor. We recommend enjoying a few scoops in a chilled mug just like your favorite root beer.”

When Instgram’s snackolator announced the ice cream with root beer built right in was showing up on store shelves, followers were excited. “My stomach just smiled,” one ice cream float lover commented. “No you didn't. Now I'm contemplating leaving work early for this,” and “The way I audibly gasped when I saw this,” others quipped.

Thanks to Blue Bell, when you’re craving a root beer float, all you’ll need to do is reach into your freezer. But we can’t help but wonder what would happen if you added your favorite root beer soda to the A&W Root Beer Float Ice Cream as well to make a root beer float ice cream root beer float. Only one way to find out...

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