Give Your BLT Sandwich Even More Crunch With Fried Green Tomatoes

BLT sandwich on parchment paper
BLT sandwich on parchment paper - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

In addition to refreshing slices of watermelon and healthy homemade popsicles, freshly made bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches are a perfect summertime snack. Crunchy salted bacon, crisp in-season lettuce, and juicy tomatoes make BLTs extra flavorful. Yet even after combining these three crucial ingredients with soft, fluffy bread and a solid spread of mayonnaise, you might be craving more texture in your favorite warm-weather sandwich. If you want to enhance the consistency of classic BLTs without changing the standard lineup of ingredients, use fried green tomatoes.

Southern-fried green tomatoes are green tomato slices covered in cornmeal and brown sugar and fried in oil until crispy. You can also use plain or seasoned breadcrumbs or panko breadcrumbs as adequate alternatives. Once these delicacies are sufficiently cooked, you're left with lush, tart tomatoes covered in crunchy fried breading.

The type of green tomatoes you want for your next BLT are not green heirloom tomatoes but unripe red tomatoes. These tomatoes have a fresh, sharp taste and reach their peak in the summer when harvested prematurely. Depending on where you live in the U.S., green tomatoes can be found at farmer's markets and select grocery stores throughout the summer and early fall season. Once you secure enough fresh green tomatoes, you're ready to fry up these colorful beauties to upgrade your favorite midday snack. But before you attempt to make upgraded BLTs, consider following a few tips to ensure your efforts result in supremely crunchy sandwiches.

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Perfectly Cooked Fried Green Tomatoes Are Crispy And Flavorful

Fried green tomatoes in iron skillet
Fried green tomatoes in iron skillet - Rudisill/Getty Images

To make the ultimate fried green tomato BLT, you first need to make crunchy fried green tomatoes. To do so, slice tomatoes evenly and allow excess moisture to drain onto paper towels while you prepare your coating of choice. Instead of using only breadcrumbs, dredge the tomato slices in flour and egg before placing them in your seasoned breadcrumb mixture. Flour and egg add a more definitive crunch and keep the exterior coating intact.

Before frying the tomatoes, make sure your cooking oil is hot enough by adding a pinch of breadcrumbs. Once the crumbs begin to bubble and fry, you're good to go. For extra precision, consider using a food thermometer.

Once the tomatoes have been fried, place them on a wire cooling rack over a baking sheet lined with paper towels or add the fried tomatoes directly to paper towels to drain and cool. When building BLT sandwiches, you want your fried green tomatoes to be warm, not hot. Hot tomatoes can create steam, which may indirectly cause your lettuce to wilt and bread to turn soggy. Wait until your tomatoes have sufficiently drained and cooled before building upgraded BLTs.

How To Make A Crunchy BLT With Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried green tomato BLT
Fried green tomato BLT - swisster / Instagram

After you make flavorful fried green tomatoes, you're ready to transform traditional bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. To enhance your next BLT, start by toasting your bread of choice. Better yet, if you have extra mayo to spare, use the cooking method that will lead to the crunchy BLT of your dreams.

Instead of lathering toasted bread slices with the standard mayonnaise, use an easy classic garlic aioli for added flavor. Layer the fried tomatoes, crisp bacon, and fresh lettuce between the toasted bread. To add more nutrition and texture, add a small handful of sprouts. You can also try thin slices of cucumber or onion. If you're feeling creative and wish to try a more savory addition, fry up a thin layer of halloumi cheese and layer it onto your sandwich before slicing. Now you're ready to enjoy a flavor-loaded, supremely crunchy BLT.

If you want to make extra fried green tomato sandwiches later in the week, keep the cooked tomatoes in your refrigerator. When you're ready to build another epic BLT sandwich, heat the fried green tomatoes with a bit of oil in a skillet until they're warm and crispy. Next to crunchy, salty bacon, fried green tomatoes add an irresistible crunch to classic BLT sandwiches.

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