Blogger Slams New York Girls For Being "Too Thin"

Fashion blogger Garance Dore has sparked debate by publically criticising New York girls for being "notoriously" thin.

"The women in fashion in New York - they're not just skinny. They're New York skinny," Dore wrote on her blog. "Anna Wintour style...Muffin top? What's that mean?"

Dore went on to compare New York girls to those in Paris, saying she believes Parisians have a healthier attitude to food and their bodies.

"I feel like there wasn't that same pressure in Paris," said Dore. "That isn't to say that Paris is a paradise of health and self-acceptance, but just that it's less about extremes."

Dore also touched on the fact that New Yorkers treat exercise as an "everyday activity".

"Here, working out is an everyday activity, eat less, worry about where your food is coming from, decide to stop eating meat, or gluten, milk, or just all that stuff all together...and become New York skinny."

While most of Dore's readers seemed to sympathise with her, (one stated, "UGH! you should try living in New York your whole life, then continuing on to go to FASHION SCHOOL!") others appear to have taken offence to the blog.

"It's an unfair stereotype that winds up doing more harm than good, pitting French women against Americans in a battle-to-the-skinniest," said, who went on to say that women who work in fashion face unrealistic body standards.

"Sadly, yes, many of women in the industry struggle with it. But I certainly wouldn't say it's the norm – or that it's accepted."

What are your thoughts?