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Blink video doorbells and cameras are up to 40 percent off for Labor Day

Get the Blink Video Doorbell for $39.


Amazon’s latest deal makes it easier to secure your home without breaking the bank. The Labor Day sale includes 35 percent off the company’s Blink Video Doorbell (reduced to $39 from its original $60). You can also order a bundle including the doorbell and one Blink Mini module to use as a chime for $64 (30 percent off its typically $95). In addition, Amazon has standalone Blink Mini deals starting at $25, and you can snag the Blink Wired Floodlight for $60 (40 percent off). Most of the deals approach Prime Day lows.

The Blink Video Doorbell captures video at 1080p resolution. It has infrared capabilities for nighttime recording, motion detection and two-way audio. You can install the doorbell wired or wireless; it requires a Blink mini (bundled with the doorbell for $64) for an indoor chime if you decide not to use your home’s existing wiring. It lets you view a live feed of who’s at your door with a paired phone or an Alexa device with a display. The doorbell can provide alerts via Alexa devices, it runs on two (included) AA batteries and Amazon says it’s sealed for protection against rain.

Amazon also has several Blink Mini bundles on sale. You can pick up a single unit for $25 (typically $35), a two-pack for $46 (usually $65) or a three-pack for $64 (regularly $100). The Blink Mini is a wired entry-level indoor security camera that can outfit your home with live feeds on the cheap. The motion-activated cameras can record day or night, and they have built-in speakers and a mic for remote two-way audio.

Finally, the Blink Wired Floodlight is available for $60 (40 percent off its regular $100). The device produces 2600 lumens of LED lighting with motion detection and a built-in siren. Its camera shoots in 1080p while providing a color nighttime view and two-way audio. The floodlight works with Alexa, allowing live view (for Alexa devices with screens) and voice-powered arming and disarming.

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