Blake Lively Taps Into 'KateGate' With Her Own Highly-Edited Photo

Blake Lively; Kate Middleton

Leave it to Blake Lively to use her sarcastic sense of humor to chime on the Kate Middleton saga, "KateGate."

After the Princess of Wales admitted to photoshopping the now-infamous Mother's Day photo with her children earlier in the week, Lively seemingly decided to make light of the situation with a highly-edited pic of her own.

The Gossip Girl alum took to Instagram on Friday, March 15, to promote her beverage line Betty Buzz—and she did so by sharing an obviously photoshopped image that depicted the actress sitting by a pool with a can of a Betty Booze cocktail in her hand.

In the clearly-manufactured picture, the background looked fake, the drink can appeared clipped into her hand and one of Lively's thumbs was completely out of proportion to the rest of her body. Additionally, an image of a lemon floated above her head, somehow defying the laws of gravity.

"I’m so excited to share this new photo I just took today," Lively, 36, captioned the post, clearly using some sarcasm many followers took as a not-so-subtle reference to KateGate.

"The concept of this ad... She is a mastermind! 😂😂" one of Lively's supporters commented on the Instagram post, while another chimed in to joke, "😆😆 We're gonna need proof of life for you, too 🤪"

While plenty of other fans appreciated Lively's humor—which she usually reserves to troll husband Ryan Reynolds—others accused the Age of Adaline actress for being "mean" toward the Princess of Wales amid the ongoing mystery surrounding her current condition.

"Well this is disappointing," one person wrote in the comments on the post. "Didn't really expect to see Blake kick another woman while she's down just to promote her product."

"Honestly so low to piggyback on the bullying of a woman in recovery for marketing purposes," another follower added.

But others came to Lively's defense, arguing that Lively could have been using her humor in defense of Middleton, 42.

"I find it funny that people are quick to say she's bullying Kate when I actually think she's making a point of the backlash Kate got from her photo and the public bullying Kate for the edited photo."

"Don’t think she’s mocking Kate Middleton, she’s mocking the internet for making such a big deal of it," someone else echoed.

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