Blake Lively Proves She's The Ultimate Instagram Boyfriend With This Thirsty Photobomb Post

I'm sure you're familiar with the concept of the "Instagram Boyfriend" because it's become quite a thing in the past few years.

a man taking a photo of a woman on his phone
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You might even remember that Pete Davidson passed Kim's "content test" with flying colors...

"He passed the content taking boyfriend test"
@kimkardashian/ Instagram: @kimkardashian

For the 37 seconds they dated, Kim and Pete took a vacation to some gorgeous tropical island.

Kim had Pete take photos of her.

Arrow pointing to Pete's shadow
@kimkardashian/ Instagram: @kimkardashian

And boom, just like that, his Instagram Boyfriend credentials were approved.

Kim Kardashian on the beach
@kimkardashian/ Instagram: @kimkardashian

Well, now Blake Lively is proving that she herself is an excellent Instagram Boyfriend.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively walking down the street holding hands
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It all started with her husband Ryan posting this mild thirst trap:

Ryan Reynolds in the gym
@vancityreynolds/ Instagram: @vancityreynolds

He knew exactly what he was doing with those biceps and this IG story post.

Closeup of Ryan Reynolds in the gym
@vancityreynolds/ Instagram: @vancityreynolds

Blake reposted a similar picture on her story.

Screenshot from Blake Lively's Instagram story

She zoomed in and captioned it: "Find yourself a better Instagram boyfriend than me."

"Find yourself a better Instagram boyfriend than me"

"I'll wait."

"I'll wait"

She zoomed in even more and said: "I know low-key capturing thirst content of your fine ass husband is not just photography, it's a public service."

Screenshot from Blake's Instagram story

And, yeah, she's right! Thank you for your service, Blake. I salute you.

"I'm gonna give the gays everything they want."