Bizarre detail in Aussie mum's school lunchbox sparks debate: 'Accidents happen'

Group members were quick to propose alternatives to using glass in school lunchboxes

An Aussie mum has sparked debate on social media after sharing her innovative idea for her children's school lunchboxes. The woman posted a photo in a popular Facebook group dedicated to sharing lunchbox ideas, showcasing a bento box filled with croissants, fruits, vegetables and other snacks, along with homemade flavoured milk in a glass bottle.

Captioning the image, she explained: "I pack flavoured milk in old prune juice bottles, which I find fit well in both small and large Bbox lunchboxes."

2 x Bento lunchbox filled with croissant, fruit veg and glass bottles of flavoured milk
The Aussie mum clarified that the lunches were prepared for her children in year 2 and year 4. Photo: Facebook/ lunchbox ideas

'Glass and milk everywhere'

While some group members praised the mother's "beautiful" lunch preparations, others expressed concerns about using glass bottles in a school setting.


Cutting to the chase, one individual queried: "Children with glass?? Otherwise a great looking lunch."

Another member of the group tactfully recommended switching to plastic bottles, "I had a student bring a glass bottle once," they shared "and it smashed everywhere... just takes a tiny little tap, and then glass and milk everywhere."

As an alternative to using glass, another group member suggested reusing plastic juice bottles for drinks in lunchboxes. Photo: Woolworths
As an alternative to using glass, another group member suggested reusing V8 plastic juice bottles for drinks in lunchboxes. Photo: Woolworths

Challenging this viewpoint, another user promptly disagreed, dismissing the notion of basing decisions on isolated incidents.

They remarked: "If everybody changed their behaviour because of something that happened once to someone else, we would live in a very structured world with no personal freedoms." They cited the continued use of glass bottles and cups in pubs as an example of accepting the risk of breakage.

Inherent risk in school environments

Another group member supported this perspective, sharing their own experience of their child successfully using glass items without accidents.

"I agree. My daughter was drinking out of a glass and using real plates from 8mo. She never threw or dropped them. Some kids are perfectly fine using glass," they wrote.


"I think the issue with school is that it is easily knocked or bumped = breakage," another user chimed in to point out the inherent risk in school environments.

"It doesn't matter how careful a child is; accidents can and do happen."

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