This "Bizarre" Bagel Hack From Ina Garten Just Resurfaced, And It's Sending People Into A Full Frenzy

We are gathered here today to discuss the queen of "good olive oil and vanilla" and the icon of East Hampton: the one-and-only Ina Garten.

Ina Garten at table smiling, extending a wine glass, with dinnerware and a pot in front
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While many of us are hooked on watching the Barefoot Contessa's Hamptons brunches and following her recipes, some shocking news has recently resurfaced: Ina's preferred method for cutting bagels.

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That's right, she cuts her bagels into THIRDS, Big Mac-style.

Two sesame seed bagels on a wooden surface sliced into thirds

The original tweet on X has over three million views and has generated a lot of mixed reactions. Many, like myself, are devastated that this wild new info about their favorite Hamptons chef has come to light.

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People are pointing out that it completely messes with the bagel-eating experience.

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Even those with questionable food preferences are weighing in.

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But there are also quite a lot of folks on board with the triple-decker bagel.

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Some are labeling Ina a "visionary."

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We may start seeing people eating bagels cut into thirds sooner than we think. *Sheds tear.*

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Well, to all who love the idea of "increased surface area" for cream cheese and other toppings, I found Ina's original bagel recipe from 2013. As we've already seen, she starts by slicing two bagels into thirds.

Ina slicing a bagel on a cutting board

"Instead of having a big, thick bagel, I'm cutting it into thirds," she says. Then, to my shock, she holds up two slices of said bagel and reveals that she'll be making three sandwiches out of the six slices she's cut, not two triple-deckers.

Ina Garten smiles at the camera, holding a bagel

After assembling with some herby cream cheese and lox, this is the result.

A close-up of a stacked bagel sandwiches on a countertop, with visible layers of lox and cream cheese

Trust me: I'm no bagel expert (or one to ever question Ina). I'm just a North Jersey gal who grew up eating two a day. But if I were handed a bagel with a missing third, I would be devastated — especially if it were one of the two that used the middle as a slice. I cannot fathom biting into that.

Ina prepares her bagel with lox and cream cheese

I suppose it could be worse. Let's not forget about the scooped bagel controversy of last year.

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Or even the St. Louis-style bagels that riled everyone up.

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Now, I need to know: How do you feel about Ina's unorthodox bagel-cutting method? Sound off in the comments!