Bill Maher Asks Fox News' Greg Gutfeld 'You're In News?' During Trump Argument

Bill Maher turned his legal history with Donald Trump into a sharp dig at Fox News host Greg Gutfeld on Monday. (Watch the video below.)

Gutfeld and Maher were sparring on “Gutfeld” as the “Real Time” host reiterated his concerns that Trump will not accept the results if he loses in November, just as he refused to accept his defeat in 2020.

The debate on the political satire talk show got minorly heated before panelist Drew Pinsky tried to moderate. “Boys, boys, we have a show here,” he said.

“It does feel personal about Trump with Bill,” Gutfeld said.

“It’s not,” Maher insisted.

“It feels that way,” Gutfeld shot back.

“It’s just a difference of opinion,” Pinsky said.

“He did sue me,” Maher said, referring to Trump.

“Did he sue you?” Gutfeld asked.

“Of course,” Maher said.

“I didn’t know that,” Gutfeld said.

“You’re in news?” Maher asked.

Trump sued Maher after the comedian suggested on a 2013 talk show that his father was an orangutan. Trump’s legal team even sent Maher a copy of his birth certificate proving that the future president’s father was Fred Trump, not a primate. Trump later withdrew the suit.

Maher’s dig, whether intentional or not, carries credence beyond Gutfeld.

His employer, Fox News, faced serious credibility issues after peddling Trump’s lies that the election was stolen. The network agreed to pay $787 million to settle a lawsuit as a result.

The conservative network also took a hit when lawyers representing former prime-time star Tucker Carlson once argued that his comments “cannot reasonably be interpreted as facts.”

Gutfeld last week pushed election denial but with some legal caution. He said Democrats could resort to “electoral dirty tricks” in November and cook up illegal votes.

Ihave very little evidence on that but that hasn’t stopped me before,” he added.

h/t Mediaite