Big W's top picks for the teachers back in classrooms this week

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Big W's top picks for teachers back at school. Photos: Big W

It’s back to school time! If you’re a parent, undoubtedly you were running around like a headless chicken, trying to get everything ready in time.

If you’re a teacher, we haven’t forgotten about you. Whether you’re beginning to teach online or are finally back in a classroom, we’re sure that there are lots of last-minute tasks you’ve been ticking off to feel prepared for the year.

For a helping hand, Big W have put together their ultimate Top 10 picks for teachers returning in 2022:

Brilliant Basics Ballpoint Pens 10 Pack, $2

Brilliant Basics Ballpoint Pens 10 Pack from Big W

Let’s start with a basic: pens.

This cheap and cheerful packet is a great bang for your buck - which is perfect, as we’re sure they’re going to be ‘borrowed’ constantly and never returned.


In fact, stock up on a few packets!

The pens have a nib of 1.0mm for neat handwriting and come in 10 different colours.

Post-it Super Sticky Note Cube, $12

Post-it Super Sticky Note Cube from Big W

We’re sure that staying organised can be challenging with tens of kids or teenagers constantly asking you questions or interrupting your train of thought.

This giant stack of Post-It’s should keep you covered all term long.

You can jot down random thoughts, to-do lists, notes for other people and more. The bright neon colours mean you’ll never miss it.

Brilliant Basics Whiteboard Pack, $5

Brilliant Basics Whiteboard Pack from Big W

Despite electronic smart-boards becoming more commonplace, the classic whiteboard (our generation’s chalkboard) still has a firm place in the classroom.

This whiteboard marker set comes in six different colours and a magnetic eraser for easy cleaning.

Again - we’d recommend getting two packets.

Anything pen-shaped often seems to go off walking!

Xstamper Merit Stamp - Red Smiley Face, $5.50

Xstamper Merit Stamp - Red Smiley Face from Big W

Stamps are the ultimate power tool in the classroom.

They can be used to mark work, decorate dull-looking worksheets and give positive reinforcement to students, e.g. stamping their hands when they’ve done a good job.

This red smiley face will help to keep both you and your students in the best mood all day long.

Harry Potter Merit Stickers, $4

Harry Potter Merit Stickers from Big W

As we mentioned above, stamps are great for showing positive reinforcement and congratulating you on a job well done.

But while stamps can be used for typical, everyday tasks, bigger achievements should be commended with something a bit fancier.

These Harry Potter stickers come with logos of the four Hogwarts houses.

They’re stamped with encouragements such as “Magical Work!”, “Keep it up!”, “Exceptional Effort” and more.

NYC Desktop Essentials Organiser Pack, $7

NYC Desktop Essentials Organiser Pack from Big W

It can be a bit tiring to shluck to the stores and get every little piece of stationery, so don’t do it.

Big W have done the organising already for you - they’ve put together this catch-all pack that includes pencils, bulldog clips, a large and small note pad, thumbtacks and paperclips.

Even better, all the stationery is rose gold or metallic silver. That’s luxe!

Brilliant Basics Bulk Pack Pin Clips Coloured 480 Pieces, $10.50

Brilliant Basics Bulk Pack Pin Clips Coloured 480 Pieces from Big W

Speaking of making your life easier - this $10 kit has nearly 500 pieces of stationery!

It includes drawing pins, thumbtacks, round pins, binder clips, large and small bulldog clips and large and small paper clips.

Everything is rainbow colour and will help make your classroom look fun, colour-coordinated and joyful.

Marbig Stapler Value Pack, $18.50

 Marbig Stapler Value Pack by Big W

Just because a stapler isn’t the most exciting object in the world doesn’t mean you need to succumb to a boring beige one.

Make a statement with this bright purple set, including a stapler and a staple remover.

It also comes with a box of 500 staples.

The stapler itself is incredibly sturdy and high-quality and should last you all year.

Avondale 2022 Calendar Desktop, $12

Avondale 2022 Calendar Desktop from Big W

This year is going to be a fantastic one!

We’re sensing it - and we all definitely deserve it!

Make sure you pack the most out of your year and school schedule by planning ahead with this desk calendar.

The minimalistic-yet-chic gold grid will go well with any sort of desk set-up or classroom decor.

Smash Daintree Magazine File, $8

Smash Daintree Magazine File from Big W

This file doesn’t just need to be for magazines.

Store binders, notebooks, worksheets and any other loose bit of paper that you want to keep in one place.

Get a couple of them, line ‘em up and separate them by subject to make your future self a whole lot happier!

The exterior of this file is a sleek grey, but the fun tropical print on the inside will peep through for a fun burst of colour.

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