Big Brother stars open up about Taras attacking Reggie: 'Awful'

Big Brother's final four housemates open up about how 'tense' the eviction was after Taras yelled at Reggie.

Video transcript

- Oh my God, that was awful! It was so awful. And I remember it because we were d-- doing this scramble after that challenge and-- and Alicia was saying to me in the scramble, she's going-- I want to win Big Brother. I'm going to win Big Brother. And I'm thinking, you're saying this to me? Like, I'm thinking, hang on, girl! (LAUGHING) That's not going to happen. I can't let this happen.

Um-- and-- but I was going to vote for Johnson, like-- 'cause I've-- Taras said to me, Reg, do I have your word? And I said, yeah, you do. So I was going-- and then it wasn't till-- till that moment as well, I'm thinking, hang on a second. I can't-- I can't do this. So-- Alicia's going to get rid of me. That's what I had in my head and I'm like-- OK, so I had to play fire with fire and that's what I did. And I saved the best for last and-- yeah, he was not a happy boy at all. Oh, not happy. Yeah. He made me cry big time. I wanted to leave after that, I was so upset. (LAUGHING) Oh!

After watching it back now, yes, she did! (LAUGHING) I didn't know, like, oh-- even with the tally one, like-- wow. That was huge. Em. He said he wasn't going to vote for her and didn't-- and then he said, oh I'm not going to put Estelle up and he did. Just like-- yeah. So Taras did a lot of sneaky moves in there and, um-- yeah. To say that he didn't do it. But now I've watched it back, I'm going, oh, my God, how much did you do of these? (LAUGHING)

- I'm sorry, when-- when-- sorry, when Reg flipped on the word against Taras-- the game flipped. The game changed. Em-- it was tense in that room. It was awkward. And it was like-- like, yes, you can be angry for someone flipping on their word and telling you they're going to do something and they don't do it. But T-- or Taras-- em, how many times have you done it? Can you really be that angry? Can you be that angry?

Em, that n-- that night was tough. Reg actually said to me, she goes-- I don't know if I want to be here after that anymore. Like, I don't know if I want to be here in the game after what just happened at the [? Victory ?] Room and how I was spoken to. I was like, Reg. You can't bow out. You're not going to bow out. There's four people left in the game. One person to go. It's one day. Let's do this.

So she went the [INAUDIBLE] room, she came out, she's feeling a little bit better. But yeah, it was tense and it was a little bit like-- y-- like, is it-- is it hypocritical? I don't know.

- Everyone got sad and annoyed when they got blindsided. Like, that's a human nature. And, like, we all have our different ways of being in that house. Like, I know that it looks like I'm a liar in there-- and I did lie-- but, like, there were certain li-- like, if I did a handshake deal, that was like an unbreakable deal for me. And for a lot of people, it was like that as well.

- So, like, I was doing something really generous for Reggie at this point. Do you know what I mean? Like-- it's not like I owed her anything. Like, I didn't owe her anything. She tried to vote me out. Like, why shouldn't I get her out? So-- they don't show all that stuff but like-- yeah, like-- Reggie pulled one of the biggest moves and one of the biggest lies in the game! And I got angry about that-- and not that angry. And so, like-- cool, like, people that-- I don't know, I'm very much like-- it wasn't abusive, my outburst. And it's important to be-- to feel your emotions and to be genuine. Do you know what I mean? So yeah, I've got no regrets at all for that. At all.

- I think Taras was shocked at Reggie because she's never been one to lie or blindside to the extent that she did. He really-- he-- he took that to heart and he was-- I think as much as he was angry at her, he was angry at himself because he was so shocked that someone actually got him back.

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