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Feeling puzzled about how to give your drab living room a colourful, contemporary look that makes a retro statement? If you’re game for a blast from the past, seek inspiration from an 80s icon – take your shape and colour cues from Rubik’s cube and, for a bold centrepiece, complete the theme with a coffee table styled on the iconic puzzle.

1. You could simply create a cube, but why waste all that lovely storage space inside? It’s perfect for stashing your books, newspapers, board games and the like. Just allow for a hinged door on one side and elevate the cube slightly so you can open and shut the door with ease. Painter’s tape is the key to getting crisp, straight lines that imitate the modular look of a Rubik’s cube. Simply apply the tape firmly to the black background, roller on the colour, then remove the tape.

Click here for how to make a rubik's cube coffee table

2. Colour instantly transforms a drab beige room into a vibrant, inviting space, with the Rubik’s cube-inspired coffee table as its focal point, and each cube colour picked out for accents. Get the ball rolling with a coat of electric blue paint on one wall – try Dulux Atlantic Mystique.

3. Sticking to the Rubik’s cube colour scheme, with lots of black and white contrast, choose furnishing fabrics to highlight your new space. You could go with solid fabrics and geometric designs or even throw in a few graphic florals. It’s pretty much a case of anything goes, as long as it’s bright and in keeping with the general theme.

5,6. Check out this clever retro bowl! To create its fluted shape, preheat your oven to 200°C. Then simply centre an unwanted vinyl record over an upside-down heatproof bowl and put in the oven for 5 minutes. Remove with oven mitts, shaping it a little more by hand if needed. Let cool.
7. Even if you don’t play your beloved LP collection anymore, the record sleeves make a wonderful, eye-catching display on simple narrow wall shelves you can make. Change the covers about from time to time for a fresh look. Check out second-hand stores for old vinyl records – you’ll find some classics among them and they’re cheap.

Click here for how to make shelves to display records


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Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners, 2016

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