The Best Reality TV Show for Each Zodiac Sign

Reality TV is experiencing a renaissance, but it's certainly not a new phenomenon in entertainment. From the early breakout hits like Big Brother and The Bachelor to the new wave of viral sensations like Love Island, there's something about the drama, intrigue, and larger-than-life characters that keeps you coming back for more. Not to mention, reality TV is endlessly entertaining. And no matter what you like to watch in your free time, there's a reality show designed to take over your life (in a fun way).

With new shows popping up daily, finding a new reality series can take too much time and effort. So, we've decided to consult the cosmos to pair each zodiac sign with the perfect reality TV show for their vibe. Whether you're a gossip-obsessed Gemini who likes a show with some spice or you're a hopelessly romantic Pisces who can't stop watching dating shows, there's a reality television show you'd love. Who knows? You might find yourself submitting an audition tape of your own!

Keep reading to find which reality TV show you should add to your watch list based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Survivor

Aries are known for being confident, adventurous, and totally wild. As a fire sign, you like to follow your passion where it leads you. And you're drawn to careers, relationships, hobbies, and entertainment that knows how to get your adrenaline pumping. Life is not a spectator sport – so you need a reality show that is packed with endless action, alliances, and awe-inspiring challenges from beginning to end. That's why we decided to pair you with one of the original breakouts of the reality TV scene, Survivor. With more than 45 seasons to watch and some of the most iconic winners in reality TV history, you'll enjoy watching these competitors outwit, outplay, and outlast each other for $1,000,000.

Taurus: The Real Housewives

Taurus is a lover of the finer things in life. From dinner at your favorite restaurant to splurging on that perfume you wear on special occasions, you believe life should be lived lavishly. As an earth sign, you work hard to afford all the nice things you have. Taurus is also known for being the most loyal and protective sign of the zodiac. You love to be surrounded by two things: your loved ones and luxury. We think your perfect reality show match is Bravo's Real Housewives franchise. These aren’t your average housewives: they’re some of the richest and most well-connected women in the world. And Taurus will love soaking in all the glamor and gossip from the comfort of home.

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Gemini: The Amazing Race

Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac – with a razor-sharp wit. You're a master of communication and know how to spot people's intentions like no other. No matter the setting, Gemini can read the room and fit right in. People enjoy your company – so it's not uncommon to find you leading whatever circle you run in. So, the best reality show for you is one that puts your social savvy to the test. You'll love the concept behind The Amazing Race, where teams of two are taken out of their comfort zones and sent on a global scavenger hunt and race to see who can cross the finish line first and win $1,000,000.

Cancer: Vanderpump Rules

Cancer is the emotional and sensitive sweetheart of the zodiac – but that doesn’t mean you don’t live for the theatrics. Your loyalty runs deep, which means you feel the betrayal harder than most. As a water sign, you feel most connected to movies and shows exploring real topics, emotions, and people. And you're downright obsessed with all of the lies, scandals, betrayals, and secrets. Vanderpump Rules is the perfect show about what happens to regular people and their relationships when fame and fortune get in the way. Each season is packed with jaw-dropping drama. And you'll be on the edge of your seat as these starlets try to navigate Hollywood without losing themselves along the way.

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Leo: The Masked Singer

If there's one sign born to be on reality television, it's you, Leo. You've got a natural attraction to the spotlight and love being the center of attention. As a fire sign, you know how to use your warmth and confidence to carry you far. Leos love to put on a performance, so it only makes sense that the best reality show for this fire sign is one that features famous-ish contestants. The Masked Singer is a secretive singing competition where celebrities wear elaborate costumes and sing live in front of a live studio audience and judges – all while keeping their identity a secret. Can you guess all the celebrity singers before the judges do? Play along at home and find out.

Virgo: The Bachelor

Virgo is the detail-oriented perfectionist of the zodiac. You're the perfect combination of factual and flexible – giving you an edge in life. Virgos have a way of making success look effortless, but let's be honest, you're one of the hardest working signs of the bunch. It only looks easy because you've got things under control. Speaking of grace under pressure, nobody knows how to deliver an award-winning performance like the women of The Bachelor. Watch as twenty singles fight for the affection of a jaw-droppingly handsome man – while trying to win America's heart. Will you accept this reality TV rose?

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Libra: Selling Sunset

You're a b*tch. You're a boss. And you're not someone who gets intimidated easily. Libras have a reputation for being agreeable and diplomatic – but those rules don't apply when it comes to your paycheck. People forget that Libra is a cardinal sign, which means you're used to being the one in charge. Sure, you can play nice with your enemies when you need to, but that doesn't mean you don't fight back. It's a cruel world; you're just looking to make your mark on it. That's why we think you'll fall in love with the women of Netflix's Selling Sunset. Follow the realtors of The Oppenheim Group as they sell luxury houses, navigate the drama of living in Hollywood, and find love – all at the same time.

Scorpio: Temptation Island

You're a sucker for anything dark and dramatic, Scorpio. As a water sign, you like to get below the surface-level pleasantries with people and find out who they really are. Scorpios know that everyone is putting on a performance – and you make it your mission to find the truth. Drama is pretty much your middle name, so you're looking for a reality show that isn't afraid to make waves. That's why you need to set your calendar for the newest season of Temptation Island. This show follows four couples at a crossroads in their relationships, deciding if they should stay together or break up for good. Oh, and about two dozen sexy singles who are looking to steal them away. What could go wrong?

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Sagittarius: 90 Day Fiancé

Life is what you make it, and you're ready to seize the moment, Sagittarius. You're the type of fearless go-getter who doesn't play by anyone else's rules. Curious and creative, it's no surprise Sagittarius is the first to volunteer for a new opportunity or adventure. Where other people are afraid to look foolish – you see a chance to broaden your horizons. As the explorer of the zodiac, Sagittarius likes to push the limits of what people expect – and 90 Day Fiancé is the perfect example of what can happen when you let life surprise you. This show follows couples in long-distance relationships who have 90 days to decide whether to get married or break up. Viewers get to watch the ultimate adventure of love.

Capricorn: The Trust

Everyone knows that Capricorns will work hard to succeed in life; what they don't know is that you'll do just about anything to win. You'll get your hands dirty if the situation calls for it or the reward is big enough. Nothing can stand in your way of winning. Your ideal reality show needs to have a mix of big personalities, a competitive element, and plenty of twists to keep you entertained. The Trust is a reality series where eleven strangers are given $250,000 to divide among themselves; they can either decide to take their fair share or vote each other out to keep more for themselves. As the overachiever of the zodiac, you’ll heavily relate to these competitors who will do *literally anything* to claim the prize.

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Aquarius: The Traitors

Aquarius is the troublemaker and rebel of the zodiac who loves to keep people guessing. You're not one to go with the crowd. And you have an uncanny ability to convince others to see things from your perspective. Aquarius loves studying how people behave and learning what makes them tick. So it makes sense that your favorite reality TV shows are the ones that encourage people to lie, cheat, and steal their way to the finish line. The Traitors takes a group of cunning contestants and reality TV stars and places them in a spooky castle in Scotland. Everyone is working together to win the cash prize – while others work to sabotage the game. Can you find the traitors before time runs out?

Pisces: Love Is Blind

Pisces is the dreamy romantic of the zodiac who believes in love at first sight. Like other water signs, you know life is fluid and constantly changing. Control is an illusion. And Pisces understands that there's real beauty in just following the flow of life wherever it leads. You like to live life with a loose plan – and leave plenty of room for other people to surprise you along the way. Pisces prefer to make decisions based on intuition – which is what makes Love Is Blind a great choice for you. This dating show follows a group of singles going on (literal) blind dates in the hopes of finding their soulmate. Can love blossom between two people who have never met face-to-face? Watch and see.

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