These Are the Best Organizing Products From IKEA, According to Experts

These versatile products eliminate clutter and maximize space.

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Ikea is a great place to shop for everything from large pieces of furniture, like sofas and dressers, to fixtures, like kitchen cabinetry and lighting. But have you ever thought about purchasing their organizing products? They’re creative, versatile, and offered at a price that won't break the bank. We even asked the pros for their favorite organizing products from IKEA. Here's what they recommend.

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Skadis Pegboard



Pro organizers Jamie Andrieu and Hillary Forst of Sorted & Styled can’t get enough of the Skadis Pegboard. It's one of their favorite products from Ikea. “We love that this item is a versatile and customizable storage solution that can be used in various settings," Andrieu says. "We have used the pegboard in home offices, craft rooms, kids gaming area, garages for tools, and even in a bathroom to hold makeup and toiletries.”

The pegboard can be adapted to work in almost any space. “You can customize the pegboard by choosing from a variety of accessories like hooks, small shelves, and containers," Forst says. "We also like this functional piece's sleek design and aesthetic appeal.”

Rashult Utility Cart



While there are many utility carts on the market, Andrieu and Forst are big fans of Ikea’s Rashult Utility Cart. They’ve been using it with clients for years and they always end up coming back to this product because it has a seemingly infinite number of uses. “It's compact and mobile which makes it ideal for a variety of uses in the home or office," Andrieu says. "It's great for storing kitchen essentials, like utensils and spices; or in a craft room or work room to house glue, scissors, tape, markers, paper, and office supplies.”

They even use the cart at parties. “Last summer, we got very creative with this cart and used it at our 4th of July backyard BBQ to hold condiments, paper plates, cups, and utensils," Forst says. "We've even seen it used at a kid's birthday party as a cute sundae bar complete with several flavors of ice cream and all the fixings.”

Choose from black, white, or turquoise to compliment any design scheme.

Bollosund Drawer Organizers



Leslie Kilgour, professional organizer and founder of Get It Straight is a major proponent of Bollosund Drawer Organizers. She calls the set, “light, easy to clean, and affordable.” It's useful for sorting everything from underwear and socks to crafting supplies. You might have to purchase more than one set because because it's likely that every drawer in your home could benefit from the Bollosund.

Skostall Shoe Organizer



Shoe organization can be pricy, which is what makes the Skostall Shoe Organizer such a good value, according to Kilgour. “We love these pieces, which you can grab 10 of for $35," Kilgour says. "Shoes are so tricky to manage, this keeps pairs together—from baby sneakers to Chelsea boots,” explains the organizer.

These are perfect for small spaces such as condos, apartments, and even RVs; any closet, hallway, or even mudroom where horizontal space is limited can be upgraded with these organizers.

Honsnat Cable Management Box



Nothing looks sloppier than cables that need to be corralled, which is why Ikea’s Honsnat Cable Management Box is such a smart yet affordable investment. “Messy cables make us crazy," Kilgour says. "This cable management box not only hides your cables but actually is a power strip. We couldn't love it more."

This box looks way better than bare wires. You can also use it on top of a desk or even on the countertop in a kitchen if you don’t have enough outlets. Best of all, the fluted aesthetic is very much on-trend right now.

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