For The Best McDonald's Burger, You Need This Ordering Tip

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When you want to upgrade your McDonald's experience, Mike Haracz is just the guy to help. As the restaurant's former manager of culinary innovation, Haracz is always happy to share insider insights gleaned from his time spent working for the chain. According to a TikTok video posted by Haracz, customers can enhance their burger exponentially by requesting a steamed bun with their next order.

This hack is made possible by McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sandwich, which comes with a steamed bun. While the iconic fish sandwich is a popular option at the chain, it remains a subject of curiosity among McDonald's fans. For instance, the half slice of cheese on the Filet-O-Fish is no accident, as the smaller portion of cheese is intended to complement, not obscure, the flavor of the fish. The restaurant even uses a special appliance to perfectly steam Filet-O-Fish buns, and all it takes is a polite customer request for steamed buns to accompany other food orders, burgers included.

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Steaming Buns Creates An Unbeatable Texture

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Haracz passionately urged McDonald's customers to ask for a steamed bun during their next McDonald's outing. The former corporate chef stated, "I know you're gonna love it," and his enthusiasm for the hack has much to do with the delectable effect that steaming has on bread. Hot steam warms up the bun, which helps the ingredients meld together for a truly cohesive flavor profile. Steam also supplies added moisture to the bread, which creates a bouncier, more buoyant texture.

Haracz recommended pairing the steamed bun hack with specific menu items, i.e., "a double cheeseburger or a McDouble," which are both great items to order from McDonald's when on a budget. He also encouraged his followers on TikTok "to report back" regarding their opinions of the delicious addition. While some commenters claimed that they were concerned about how their request would be taken by McDonald's staff (with a person stating the employees at their preferred location "get mad when I ask for no pickles"), one McDonald's fan reported a successful outcome. According to the commenter, "Facts! It's 10/10 add lettuce & side of Mac sauce."

McDonald's Uses A Special Device To Steam Its Buns

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Part of McDonald's success could be attributed to its unique way of doing things. Consider that you're unlikely to get a burger cut in half at McDonald's, simply because the fast-food establishment usually forgoes the use of knives in favor of more efficient cutting implements. Similarly, McDonald's uses a specific device to steam buns for the Filet-O-Fish and other sandwiches, and this specially designed appliance is capable of creating the ultimate steamed bun in mere seconds.

If you're curious about the process for steaming buns, a staff member at McDonald's posted a TikTok clip illustrating the technique. The top and bottom buns are deposited onto a metal tray, which gets inserted into a drawer. According to the worker, the bun remains in the steamer for 11 seconds before being removed and placed into the cardboard serving box where the Filet-O-Fish (or whatever you order with your elevated steamed bun) is constructed. This video also supports Haracz's claim that McDonald's customers can request a steamed bun with any sandwich, and not just the Filet-O-Fish. Responding to a commenter who lamented, "I wish more buns were steamed!!" the creator of the TikTok video stated, "You can always ask for the bun to be steamed on any sandwich."

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