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In honor of 'Succession' ending, here are 19 ludicrously capacious bags we love

ICYMI, Succession is ending this weekend. While we literally have no idea how the show is going to end, but we do know that we're going to miss all of the Succession fashion looks. We also can't stop thinking about that zinger from Tom in the first episode of this season.

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Basically, Cousin Greg (one half of The Disgusting Brothers™) brought a rando date named Bridget to Logan Roy's birthday party. While she committed a bunch of sins at the party, the biggest one was actually her big, big bag, which she clung to for the entire celebration. Meanwhile, the other half of The Disgusting Brothers™, Tom Wambsgans, delivered an utterly delightful burn of Cousin Greg's date and her "ludicrously capacious" bag.

“What’s even in there, huh?" asked Tom. "Flat shoes for the subway? Her lunch pail? I mean, Greg, it’s monstrous. It’s gargantuan. You could take it camping. You could slide it across the floor after a bank job.”

And thus launched one thousand and one memes. The offending bag in question is the Burberry Title bag, which clocks in at a definitely-not-cheap price of $2,890.

Triple-stud hardware is the signature hallmark of the Title bag, which is further refined with classic vintage checks, leather trim and hand-painted edges.
$2,890 at Nordstrom

So, uh, what is a “ludicrously capacious” bag?

As stated above by Tom, a bag is “ludicrously capacious” if it checks off the following boxes:

  • Has room for your flat shoes

  • Can fit a lunch pail

  • Great for camping

  • Easy to slide across the floor after a bank job

All jokes aside, we seriously love us some ludicrously capacious bags because we’re human. And being human means we need to have upwards of 87 things on our persons at all times, including six random receipts, a gum wrapper, a missing hair tie from 2019 and, of course, a phone, wallet and keys.

Basically, a good, ludicrously capacious bag is both functional, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. And because the original Burberry bag is wildly expensive, we found even more extra-large bags that we, the plebians, love.

From work totes to canvas bags and more, scroll down for the best ludicrously capacious bags that you probably shouldn't bring around in front of Tom.

There's nothing more classic than the Longchamp Le Pliage bag. Smooth, sleek nylon and embossed leather trim make this spacious tote a no-brainer for everyday versatility and elegance.
$155 at Nordstrom
A patent finish adds shine to a spacious tote bag made from leather for a luxe addition to your everyday ensemble. Plus, the clementine color is so fun for summer.
$170 at Nordstrom Rack
Made of 100% jute fiber, this woven tote bag is perfect for summer and looks way more expensive than it actually is.
$20 at Amazon
Moody tie dye nods to one of the season's hottest trends on this lightly-structured canvas tote finished with swingy tassel charms.
$138 at Nordstrom
This ultra-lightweight tote bag comes in a variety of colors. It also features three inside compartments that include a zipper pocket for small items, a middle main compartment and a padded laptop pocket. There are an additional pair of side pockets outside, as well as a yoga mat buckle.
$26 at Amazon
Nordstrom Rack
A trolley pass-through sleeve lends serious convenience to this chic terry tote bag with handy water-bottle pockets and a key leash.
$75 at Nordstrom Rack
Woven of luxe leather, this tote has the perfect amount of storage to hold all of your daily essentials. With top handles that can easily be worn over your shoulder, it's the durable carryall you'll reach for all the time.
$187 at Madewell
Honestly, season-one Shiv would definitely own this bag.
$25 at Nordstrom
The classic and timeless Longchamp Le Pliage totes are back in a big way — and this canvas tote is the best way to get the look with a bit of a different edge.
$225 at Nordstrom
She's sleek, simple, reversible and can actually fit everything without making a major dent in your bank account.
$49 at Nordstrom
Even though it's the opposite of the signature Roy stealth wealth aesthetic, the Marc Jacobs Tote Bag is the superior practical designer choice for the rest of us. It's super durable, comes in a ton of sizes and colors and has already hit icon status.
$225 at Nordstrom
This structured and polished work bag is perfect for toting around your laptop and assorted office supplies — as well as a pair of commuting shoes and dinner leftovers for lunch with or without a lunch pail.
$148 at Béis
Leave it to AllSaints to drop a chic straw tote that's big enough for all of your summer necessities, from your book to a pair of sunglasses, SPF, etc. etc.
$139 at Nordstrom
What bag is more ludicrously capacious than the iconic L.L.Bean Boat and Tote?
$45 at L.L.Bean
The bright pop of color and playful texture of this Kurt Geiger bag is perfectly on trend for summer.
$75 at Nordstrom Rack
Kate Spade Surprise
When it comes to the most capacious of the ludicrously capacious totes, Kate Spade has the best and biggest variety. Every large tote from the joyful brand is a good investment, but we're obsessed with this denim one.
$175 at Kate Spade Surprise
Perfect for the beach, a picnic or for bringing some much-needed life to your office job, this tote has pockets galore and comes in so many fun prints.
$95 at Hill House Home
The adjustable side details of this colorful shopper bag let you customize its look and function. Cinch it tightly for added security, or let it out for the extra room.
$58 at lululemon
Fringe and extra space? This fun and oversized tote is everything we love in a go-to bag — and everything Tom Wambsgans probably hates.
$55 at Nordstrom

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