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We found the 4 best iPhone camera lens protectors on Amazon — starting at just $6

When buying protective gear for their phones, most folks limit their searches to just cases and screen protectors and completely forget that the phone’s camera lens is also just as susceptible to scratches and cracks.

Quick overview
  • Ailun 3-Pack Camera Lens Protector

    1. Best Standalone Multi-Pack

  • QsmQam 4-Pack Camera Lens Protector

    2. Best for Customization

  • Ferilinso 4-Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Lens Protector

    3. Top Screen Protector and Lens Protector Bundle

  • IMBZBK 4-Pack Privacy Screen Protector and Camera Lens Protector

    4. Best Privacy Bundle

In fact, a smartphone’s camera lenses — especially those on various iPhone models — are arguably more likely to get scratched as they rub against pant pocket seams and zippers as a result of constant taking out and stowing away.

A camera lens protector ensures that your phone’s camera lens remains scratch-free. Amazon has a bunch of super cheap yet effective ones that get the job done well.

With the iPhone 15 lineup recently announced and pre-orders set to begin on Sept. 15, now is the time to shop for the best iPhone camera lens protectors.

To make your search a lot easier, we’ve narrowed down the massive assortment into the four best options, separated into defining categories.

If you’re looking for the absolute best standalone phone camera lens protector multi-pack (no screen protector included), this one from trusted and affordable brand Ailun is the one to buy. It comes with three and costs just $7 on Amazon.

Want to add a bit of personality to your camera lens borders? This four-pack comes with different colored borders for you to match your lens protector to your phone case.

Check out all four best iPhone camera lens protectors below and shop now while they’re all still in stock.

Ailun is known for being one of the best and most trusted tempered glass screen protector brands for iPhones, but many don't know that the brand also makes phone camera lens screen protectors out of the same strong material.

If you're looking for a multi-pack camera lens protector set with no screen protectors included, this is the one to buy. The brand's lens protector page has options for the iPhone 13, 14 and 15 ranges, so you're sure to find one for your camera if you have a newer or legacy iPhone.

Best of all, this lens protector — like all of the options on this list — doesn't affect the quality of photos you take. In fact, it improves it as it adds clarity to the lens and prevents blurriness thanks to its HD hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating.

$6 at Amazon

Like the Ailun lens protectors, this is a standalone multi-pack but has one more included.

What sets it apart from others is the assortment of colored borders that help you further customize your phone to your liking.

This one's also made of tempered glass and is ultra-thin, durable, shockproof, scratch-resistant and anti-friction, making it perfect for those who drop their phones often or rub their device against clothes and pockets.

$5 at Amazon

Ferilinso is another brand that thousands of Amazon shoppers love. It hits the ball out of the park with its quality, quantity and price. With this set, you get four tempered glass screen protectors and four tempered glass camera lens protectors for just $6!

The brand's page has options for the iPhone 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 ranges, so you're sure to find one that fits your device.

$6 at Amazon

Privacy screen protectors are ideal for those who hate when others try to see what's on their phone screens. If you've ever traveled or commuted on a train, plane, bus or rideshare, you know firsthand how annoying this is.

This best-selling set comes with four tempered glass privacy screen protectors and four camera lens protectors. Visit the brand's Amazon page to find sets for the iPhone 12, 13, 14 and 15 ranges.

$8 at Amazon

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