These Are the Best Garage Organizing Products, According to the Pros

Keep your garage from turning into a chaos zone with these helpful products.

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The Container Store

Whether your home is 1,500 square feet or 5,000 square feet—storage is a challenge for all of us. This is why many of us use our garages to stash everything from seasonal decor to tools to an array of miscellaneous items. Without a good organization system, however, the garage can quickly become a destination for chaos. Not only do you need to fit and access all of your things in the space, but you also likely need to fit at least one car in there, too. So, it's a smart idea to invest in some organizational items that can hold up to all the elements and keep the space tidy. Here are the best garage organizing products out there, according to the pros.

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Bins And Totes

Professional organizer and founder of Jenuinely Contained, Jennifer Jarrett, says high-quality storage bins are essential. “While we organizers love a good bin, they are especially important in the garag, where items need more protection from the elements," she says. "Garages often have more of those little cracks and crevices where the water or little animals can find their way inside. I've seen far too many cardboard boxes get ruined from water leaking onto the floor of a garage.”

Jamie Hord, The Container Store's in-home organizer and founder of Horderly Professional Organizing, is a fan of using The Container Store’s Weathertight Totes. “These are the only ones that we've found will keep up over time and actually keep any bugs and elements out," she says. "Clear is a great option so you can quickly see what's inside and they come in a wide variety of sizes to fit your needs.”

Hord also likes these fluted bins as an opaque storage option that's also a bit more aesthetically pleasing. “These are offered in three different colors and are great for color coordinating and organizing things like holiday decor.”

Heavy-Duty Shelving Units

“Garages often have the ability to facilitate deeper storage and it helps to take advantage of all the available space," Jarrett says.

So a heavy-duty shelving unit can make it easy to store just about anything. “Units like this one are fantastic cause they're easy to adjust depending on the size and height of the bins you're storing on them," she adds. "They can hold a good bit of weight which is perfect when you have bulky garage items.”

Overhead Storage Racks

Jarrett likes using overhead racks for seasonal items that rarely need to be accessed, like holiday decorations. Professional organizers and founders of Sorted and Styled, Hillary Forst and Jamie Andrieu, also recommend installing overhead storage racks for camping gear and sports equipment. They advise choosing racks that hold at least 300 pounds for maximum safety, such as the Fleximounts Pro 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack.

Heavy Duty Peg Boards

According to Forst and Andrieu—a heavy-duty peg board is a must in every garage. “This is a great organizing tool for the garage that is often overlooked," Forst says. "We love hanging tools on hooks and being able to access them to keep your workspace tidy and efficient.”

Slat Wall

Forst and Andrieu are also fans of installing a slat wall because of its versatility. “We love the flexibility of this organizational tool," Andrieu says. "We even use it for bike storage, yard tools, hoverboards, beach chairs and toys, coolers, golf clubs, and other sports equipment. We love the clean streamlined look and how easily it can be installed with basic tools and minimal time.”

Tool Chest and Rolling Cabinet

if you use your garage for projects and fixing things, Forst and Andrieu suggest investing in a tool chest and rolling cabinet. “This is a great storage solution for accessing hand and power tools," Forst says. "The rolling cabinet offers portability if you need to move your workstation to a different place.”

A Custom System

Everyone uses their garage for different things. So, whether you use the space to do projects or mostly for storage, Hord suggests going with a custom system that can truly meet your needs, such as Garage+ by Elfa. “This system is the ideal solution to get your garage organized because it offers custom, flexible components you can DIY or have professionally installed," she explains. "[It has] shelves that are easy to adjust to accommodate what you need or to grow with you, multiple hook options and easy adjustment to hang whatever you need where you need it, and drawers with optional dividers within to create all the structure you need."

Hord also notes these pieces are made of quality materials designed to last for years to come, making it well worth the investment.

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