The Best Canned Chicken Noodle Soup Is Made By A Classic Company

canned chicken noodle soups
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If Campbell's is the first name that comes to your mind when you think of canned soup, you're not alone. This nostalgic company is a favorite across the United States, and it was voted the best canned soup brand according to 43% of people. But with a variety of soup lines and countless flavors launched by Campbell's, as well as other canned soup brands, it begs the question of which one is the best. Mashed ranked the most popular canned chicken noodle soups based on their nutrients, noodle texture, ingredients, and, of course, flavor (chicken noodle soup's gotta taste like your mom made it). From the 15 cans examined with the above criteria, the first-place ranking went to Campbell's Well Yes! Chicken Noodle Soup.

This soup was lauded for having a base of rich bone broth (which is a laborious and time-consuming ingredient to prepare), vegetables like carrots, celery, and diced tomatoes, plus white beans for a protein-rich bowl. The soup also has a high concentration of vitamins and minerals per serving, though it's worth noting that the soup has 640 milligrams of sodium per cup (double that for the full can) -- around 28% of your maximum recommended daily intake. However, this much is expected since salt can make or break the flavor of a good canned soup. Overall, the soup's quality ingredients and relatively wholesome nutritional label make it a delicious and worthwhile option.

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Why Campbell's Well Yes! Chicken Noodle Soup Is Loved

Campbell's Well Yes! chicken noodle soup can
Campbell's Well Yes! chicken noodle soup can - Campbell's

Chicken noodle soup is the ultimate comfort food, and in 2016, Campbell's introduced a new variation on the classic recipe with the launch of its Well Yes! line. With the new product offerings, Campbell's aim was to focus on incorporating simple, nutritious, and pantry-friendly ingredients into its soups.

The chicken noodle soup has lived up to the Well Yes! line's intentions, boasting 4.5-star ratings on both Amazon and Walmart. With over 2,000 positive reviews, consumers seem to love the soup's texture, having large chicken chunks, firm noodles and vegetables, and a great taste that's similar to what they would prepare at home. Other reviews share appreciation for the soup's lack of preservatives and antibiotics, along with its safe packaging and high quality. The soup is also considered well worth the price, available for $2.99 for a 16.2-ounce can from Walmart at the time of this writing.

Originally launched as nine soups, Campbell's Well Yes! line has grown in numbers and flavors, with microwaveable and sipping packaging available aside from the cans. The soups also have options for vegans and vegetarians, like Plant Based Chick'n With Rice, Hearty Lentil With Vegetables, and butternut squash flavors.

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