The best bed linen to keep you warm in the colder months

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It's officially winter, which means it's time to bring out the big guns at bedtime. By that, we mean layering up, and putting the warmest sheets, doonas and blankets possible on your bed. With temperatures already plummeting to two degrees in parts of Tasmania, and four degrees in Melbourne, there's nothing like making a seasonal bedding switch to keep you cosy at night. 


As well as feeling soft, flannelette is the ideal insulator when it comes to winter sheets. It's made from a thick, brushed fabric, but still feels lightweight - so isn't claustrophobic. Flannelette fabric can pill over time, although some people believe that simply adds to the softness. 

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Adairs Printed Flannelette Navy Flower Bomb Sheet Set
Flannelette sheets are lightweight but warm, like this set from Adairs. Credit: Adairs


If you think linen is only for summer, think again. Because of its extremely absorbent fibres it's great at regulating temperatures. Like flannelette, it can feel nice and light, and is also breathable - which means it keeps you warm but not sweaty. Buy linen now, and it will see you through the summer too - just add a thick winter doona or an extra blanket through the colder months, and use the sheets in the summer.

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Terracotta 100% Flax Linen Bedding Set
Linen is versatile through winter and summer, like this set from Bed Threads. Credit: BedThreads



Cotton bedding is another great way of keeping warm in winter, and cool in summer. In winter choose a brushed cotton and layer it with a winter doona or cosy blanket. It's breathable, soft, easy to wash and comes in all budget options. It's a great option for most households, particularly those with young kids. 

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Modella Designer Queen Quilt Cover Set - Shiloh, Canningvale
Cotton is great, warm, option - even when you're on a budget, like this cover set from Canningvale. Credit: Canningvale


There's nothing cosier than fleece through the winter. Because it's a synthetic fabric, it's built specifically for insulation. While some people find fleece sheets too hot, a fleece blanket is the perfect solution. Throw it over your existing bedding to give an extra cosy feel. It's great for cuddling up on the sofa with too! 

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Aspen Blush Fleece Blanket, Adairs
Fleece blankets are a great way of layering warmth, like this one from Adairs. Credit: Adairs

Electric Blanket 

Still cold? An electric blanket means you get in to a warm bed - and stay warm all night. Gone are the days of them being unsafe. Today, they're washable and have safety switches so they turn off automatically after a certain amount of time. On double beds, each side has different controls, so if you're sharing a bed you can each choose your ideal temperature. 

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Myer Electric Blanket
This electric blanket from Myer is sure to keep you warm through the colder nights. Photo: Myer

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