All You Need Is Bell Peppers To Give Deviled Eggs A Spooky Vibe

Halloween deviled eggs
Halloween deviled eggs - Instagram

You might not immediately think of deviled eggs when you imagine a Halloween night treat, but hear us out. Whether you're hosting a cheeky adult cocktail hour, a haunted barn party, or simply chauffeuring the kiddos around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat, bellies of all ages will be thankful for this healthy, substantial snack on a holiday filled with candy. They're going to be a popular savory mouthful, especially with this festive upgrade of using red bell peppers to make horns and wings.

To make these spooky additions, wash and core a few bell peppers. Grab a small, sharp knife for precisely cutting out these miniature shapes on a cutting board (a paring knife would be ideal here), and let your creativity do the rest. Simply place two small horn shapes into the egg's filling and watch as these deviled eggs magically disappear from the snack table. To make sure the little wings are able to stand on their own and remain in position, you might want to cut the base of them a bit longer, so they can stick deep into the egg filling. Structural soundness is the name of the game here. Even if your pepper wings end up looking a little comically large in proportion to the egg, that's just part of the cartoonish, playful look.

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Shaping Up To Be A Playful Holiday

chopping red bell pepper
chopping red bell pepper - Sdi Productions/Getty Images

Using red bell peppers to make devilishly cute deviled eggs is only the beginning. Feeling extra imaginative? You could swap out that red bell pepper for a green one, and whip up a batch of alien or Frankenstein deviled eggs. Just cut that pepper into a Frankenstein's monster-head shape, or fashion a mini UFO and position it atop the eggy center. Bonus points if you make pesto deviled eggs for an extra-spooky green hue. Or, use an orange bell pepper and cut out mini pumpkin shapes. You could even stripe yellow and orange bell pepper strips for a candy corn-inspired version. Let your playful side triumph here as you try out different festive shapes: Witch hats, brooms, spiders, and ghosts are all fair game.

To make sure your deviled eggs taste as impressive as they look, be sure to make your egg filling with complementary flavors to help the bell pepper flavor shine. Try blending your filling with a bold condiment or seasoning like spicy mustard, cumin, ginger, garlic, or paprika.

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