Top bedroom turn-offs revealed, from dirty bedding to dodgy memorabilia

woman faces away from man in bed and looks sad as study reveals biggest bedroom turn-offs. (Getty Images)
Poor bed hygiene tops the list of bedroom turn-offs, according to a new survey. (Getty Images)

When it comes to bedroom turn-offs, there’s one thing that Brits can agree on: poor bed hygiene just won't cut it.

According to new data, 68.7% of people say that poor bed hygiene, such as smelly bedding, mysterious stains, no quilt cover, or no bottom sheets are the biggest red flags when it comes to sussing out the bedroom of a new partner.

Those aged over 54 were the most put off by bad bed hygiene, with 77.2% of respondents saying it was a turn-off, compared to 62.5% of 18 to 24-year-olds.

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A further 14% of people cited a messy bedroom as the biggest turn-off, including bedrooms that had clothes strewn all over the place, food wrappers laying about and dirty dishes next to the bed.

One in 10 people were also disheartened when they found out their date had poor furniture choices or unfinished decor. This included a squeaky bed, mismatched furniture, broken mirrors or lamps, no curtains, or no soft furnishings like cushions.

Clothes strewn over large bed.
A messy bedroom or lack of bedding is a red flag. (Getty Images)

The survey of 1,500 people was conducted by mattress maker John Ryan By Design, and found that men (7.1%) were more bothered by a lack of soft furnishings than women (3.6%).

Other bedroom turn-offs included poor bedding choices, such as only one pillow on a double bed, flat pillows or a thin quilt.

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A smaller portion of respondents (2.7%) said that memorabilia and collectibles were their biggest turn-offs, citing posters, figurines, dolls and teddies in the mix.

Men were also much more turned off by memorabilia than women, with 4.2% of men saying that owning a collectible was a red flag compared to just 1.4% of women.

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A separate study also found the 40 biggest turn-offs and reasons people have dumped their partner.

One in 10 respondents in the 2,000-person study said they had broken up with someone because they were obsessed with star signs, while 11% dumped their partner who clapped after their plane landed.

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