Beauty Influencer Buys Rare 1940s Tool to Apply Lipstick for $12 — and the Results Are Surprising (Exclusive)

"I can't believe this is how they applied lipstick 80 years ago..." Jasmine Chiswell says in a video posted to TikTok

<p>Jasmine Chiswell/TikTok</p> Jasmine Chiswell (left), 1940s lipstick applicator

Jasmine Chiswell/TikTok

Jasmine Chiswell (left), 1940s lipstick applicator

A retro beauty influencer is going viral for her reviews of vintage makeup products and devices — including a 1940s lipstick applicator.

"I can't believe this is how they applied lipstick 80 years ago..." Jasmine Chiswell writes in a caption to a video revealing the device, which looks similar to an eyelash curler and was marketed as a way to apply lipstick "perfectly."

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<p>Jasmine Chiswell/TikTok</p> Jasmine Chiswell

Jasmine Chiswell/TikTok

Jasmine Chiswell

When it was produced, the user would rub lipstick all over the end of the tool, which is shaped like a pair of lips, before pressing it onto the lips and rubbing them together to apply product evenly.

While it looks strange, the result is a near-perfect application that, as the 30-year-old mom of two remarks in the video, really "works."

"I was really shocked by it," Chiswell tells PEOPLE. "I just patted the lipstick in, and it really worked. I was shocked by it."

<p>Jasmine Chiswell/TikTok</p> Jasmine Chiswell

Jasmine Chiswell/TikTok

Jasmine Chiswell

Chiswell tells PEOPLE that she scours estate sales, vintage stores and sites like eBay to find retro makeup products she showcases on TikTok and Instagram.

The lipstick applicator, she says, "took me a little while to find but it was only $12 and it hadn't been used and came with all the original instructions."

While she was able to use the applicator as intended, Chiswell says she often doesn't actually use the products she buys on her face.

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"I don't put vintage makeup on my face — there's often lead and harmful ingredients in there — but I'll swatch it on my hand and take videos to share online," Chiswell says.

Chiswell grew up in Scotland, where she fell in love with retro glamour while watching old movies with her grandmother. When she moved to LA in 2016, she says she truly began "experimenting with those styles."

"That's when I started collecting vintage things in earnest and became more confident in my style," she says, adding: "When it comes to things I want to find ... the list is endless. Someone else's trash really is another person's treasure."

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Vintage lip glosses and 1920s eyelash beads (which were adhered to the ends of lashes) are among the items on her beauty bucket-list. There are other, even more rare pieces, she's found in recent years — like a powder puff shapes like a mini umbrella that comes in a gold tube and can retract back into its packaging after being used.

"It's a 1920s powderpuff — It's really just a novelty but it's so beautiful and special," Chiswell says. "Many of these vintage finds feel like one-of-a-kind pieces."

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