The Beauty Benefits of Sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase, According to Experts

The secret to ageless skin and silky smooth hair.

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You've snoozed your alarm one too many times and are caught frazzled running out the door, with bedhead and all. But what if you could wake up with no bedhead? Meet silk pillowcases. Swapping your cotton pillowcase for a silk fabric can work wonders as you snooze—from frizz free hair to anti-aging benefits, a silk pillowcase is worth every penny. We talked to board-certified dermatologists to get the rundown on all the silk pillowcase benefits.

What Is the Difference Between a Silk and Cotton Pillowcase?

While cotton is a popular fabric choice for pillowcases on the market, silk fabric has many good qualities that lead to skin and hair benefits. The silk material for pillowcases act as protection for both your skin and hair. This supports healthy hair and skin by having a natural cooling effect and reduced friction.

If you have sensitive skin, you're safe to use a silk pillowcase. "Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, so it is great for those with sensitive, eczema, or allergy prone skin," explains Lauren Penzi, MD, board-certified dermatologist. "Unlike cotton and other fabric pillowcases that absorb moisture, silk pillowcases are better at wicking off moisture." As an added bonus, silk fabric has a soft and luxurious feel.

Silk Pillowcase Benefits for Skin

If you're striving for ageless skin, a silk pillowcase can make a difference in your anti-aging goals. “As a smooth, soft material, silk minimizes friction on the skin, which means less tugging and pulling, and less abrasive forces on the skin. It is hypothesized that this is what makes silk pillowcases good for preventing wrinkle formation,” says Brendan Camp, MD, board-certified dermatologist.

  • Anti-Aging Benefits: Silk pillowcases reduce wrinkle formation by having less abrasive forces on the skin. "Not only are [silk pillowcases] soft and luxurious, but they greatly reduce friction that may cause repeated pulling and stretching of the skin. In this sense, they can be anti-aging because they help reduce the formation of wrinkles over time," explains Dr. Penzi.

  • Reduce Formation of Acne: By keeping your face cool with a silk pillowcase, there is less friction between your skin and pillow. This can lead to a reduction in acne. "Less sweat and oil absorbed, [means] less bacteria that can grow on your pillowcase. This can potentially help with acne. Additionally, reduction in friction and inflammation provided by silk pillowcases can help prevent worsening of baseline acne,” explains Dr. Penzi.

  • Hydrated Skin: Many factors beyond our control can cause our skin to feel dry. However, we can prevent this by using a silk pillowcase at night. Dr. Camp explains that the silk material keeps your skin hydrated because it absorbs less moisture than cotton pillowcases.

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Silk Pillowcase Benefits for Hair

Silk pillowcases have a ton of great benefits for your locks. For starters, less friction means less frizz. Further benefits include soft hair, no knots, and stronger hair, to name a few.

  • Frizz Free Hair: Waking up with frizz free hair is the ultimate goal. Dr. Penzi explains that a silk pillowcase provides a reduction in frizz because the friction is reduced with a silk pillowcase.

  • Super Soft Locks: Silk pillowcases promote softer, smoother hair. "Silk pillowcases absorb less moisture, which can help to prevent your locks from drying out and helps to retain their natural oils,” says Dr. Penzi.

  • Support Strong Hair: Overall, hair health is much stronger by sleeping on a silk pillowcase. With the reduction in friction, your strands are not being damaged as you toss and turn in your sleep.

  • Tangle Free Hair: Say goodbye to morning bedhead with a silk pillowcase. “The smooth surface of silk limits tugging and twisting on the hair shaft while you sleep. This translates to less hair pulling, fewer knots, and less damage,” explains Dr. Camp.

For extra hair protection, try a silk sleeping cap before you rest your head on the pillow. LILYSILK Vintage Bow-Knot Sleep Cap ($39, protects your hair while you sleep, so strends feel even softer and smoother.

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Want to add a silk pillowcase to your beauty sleep routine? Check out these expert-approved silk pillowcases for luxurious beauty sleep and benefits.

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