We Want To Know How You Judge People's Coffee Orders As A Barista, From The "Good" Orders To The "Red Flags"

As a former barista, I'm not ashamed to admit that judging someone based on their coffee order was a favorite pastime of mine. Like, okay, you're getting an iced black redeye? I know you mean BUSINESS (and probably sleep a maximum of four hours a night).

Three coffee shop employees in red shirts work behind the counter, one holding a mop. Behind them is a menu board and a sign reading "Hot Coffee"
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So if you're a current or former barista, I want to know what stereotypes you assign to certain drink orders.

Maybe the second someone orders a cortado, you immediately write them off as pretentious and know that if you don't make the drink perfectly, they'll be sure to tell you. (I actually love cortados, I'm sorry.)

Hand with a silver ring pouring milk into a glass of espresso on a saucer with a spoon and sugar packet
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Or maybe there's the regular matcha drinker who always walks in decked out in Lululemon and a yoga mat, and you just know they wake up at 5 a.m., write in their gratitude journal, get a workout in, and make a stunning breakfast before you can even crack your eyes open.

Overhead view of a barista pouring steamed milk into a matcha latte
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And if someone ever ordered a black cold brew? Well, I just knew they wouldn't tip and would barely say "hello" before giving me their order.

An iced coffee in a plastic cup with a lid sits on a wooden table with a plant in the background
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Whatever stereotypes you assign to certain drinks, we want to know about them! Comment below the coffee orders you often judge as a barista (whether good or bad), or fill out this form to remain anonymous. Your response may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!