Barbra Streisand thinks she 'probably' slept with Warren Beatty: 'I kind of remember'

"Warren and I go back a long way," the actress writes in her new memoir, "My Name Is Barbra."

Here's a case only Dick Tracy could solve: What happened between Barbra Streisand and Warren Beatty?

Even Streisand isn't sure. In her new memoir, My Name is Barbra, the multihyphenate entertainer recalls an uncomfortable interview conducted by Playboy's Lawrence Grobel in 1977, revealing some surprising information about her relationship with the Bonnie and Clyde star.

"When [Grobel] asked if I was once 'romantically linked' with Warren Beatty, I said blithely, 'One of my flings,'" Streisand writes. "I was just tossing off a reply, playing the role of a jaded woman of the world."

The reality is a little more complicated, according to Streisand. "Warren and I go back a long way (back to summer stock) and there's some water under that bridge," she says in her memoir. "Recently, we were on the phone talking politics and who knows what else when he said, 'I remember why we broke up.' I said, 'When were we together?' Then I hung up and asked myself, Did I sleep with Warren? I kind of remember. I guess I did. Probably once." (Representatives for Beatty didn't immediately respond to EW's request for comment Thursday.)

Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic Warren Beatty and Barbra Streisand
Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic Warren Beatty and Barbra Streisand

Later in the book, Streisand recounts a speech Beatty gave when she received AFI's Life Achievement Award in 2001. "Warren Beatty described meeting me when I had just turned sixteen. 'Even then you had that one-of-a-kind mix of intelligence, critical skepticism, and eroticism that we all know and love so well,'" she recalls Beatty saying. "Eroticism? Hmmm… interesting choice of word, and it may have said more about Warren than me! He can be very astute, and also funny, which is part of what makes him so charming."

Earlier in the memoir, Streisand details the first time she met Beatty, during a production of A Hatful of Rain at the Clinton Playhouse in Connecticut. "He asked me to cue him on his lines. If that was a come-on, I missed it entirely," she writes. "He also played the piano. I was impressed. We used to eat together occasionally and talk about life. He was twenty-one, tall with movie-star looks, and women were already falling at his feet. I was sixteen."

Streisand goes on to say that in Beatty's recollection of their meeting, he did make a pass at her, but she rejected him. "In any event, Warren and I became friends for life. He had star quality then and he still has it now. And every time we get together we reminisce about those days."

Viking 'My Name Is Barbra,' by Barbra Streisand
Viking 'My Name Is Barbra,' by Barbra Streisand

In her own memoir in 2016, Kathy Griffin commented on a conversation she overheard between the two stars at a party. "Warren, I'm not going to have this fight with you again. We nev-ah hooked up," Griffin recalled Streisand saying. "Noooo, Barbra, I think we did," Beatty allegedly said. "We were coming back from that little club in the Catskills."

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