New Baldur’s Gate 3 Endings Are For The Baddies


Larian has some new Baldur’s Gate 3 endings in store, studio head Swen Vincke says, and they’re apparently pretty gnarly, even by the RPG’s standards. Vincke made the comments in a recent interview with IGN, where he reiterated that, after those new endings and other promised features, Larian will be moving on from BG3.

“[The team is] working on the evil endings right now,” Vincke said. “I've seen some of them. They're really evil. So the evil players will be satisfied with that.”

The current evil endings left players divided. Sure, you can claim the Nether Brain for yourself and rule the Sword Coast, but it just sort of… happens. Your allies gleefully support you, because they have no choice – you’re controlling their brains, after all – and then the credits roll. Depending on your expectations, it seems like a bit of a letdown after an adventure full of misdeeds and chaos.

There’s no timeline for when those evil endings might be ready, though Larian is also working on cross-platform mod support. Vincke said he wants to make sure console players can enjoy most of the mods available to PC players, and it’s taking a fair bit of work with Sony, Microsoft, and Wizards of the Coast to make it happen.

”[Eventually] it’s just going to be support on bugs, because we want the team to be working on new things,” Vincke said.

Those new things don’t include Baldur’s Gate 4 or BG3 DLC, though. Larian is moving on to a fresh project that may or may not be Divinity Original Sin 3.