Baconmania: Burger King debuts bacon sundae

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The bacon sundae. <i>Credit: Burger King</i>
The bacon sundae. Credit: Burger King

Fast food chain Burger King is set to introduce a bacon sundae to its menu this week.

The sundae's ingredients include vanilla soft serve with fudge, caramel, bacon crumbles and a piece of bacon.

The new dessert, which is available until September, comes in at 510 calories, and contains 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar.

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The sundae certainly represents a move away from the last menu overhaul at Burger King, which saw the introduction of healthier options like salads and fruit smoothies to the menu.

Burger King joins a number of fellow fast food outlets in the US that have also released desserts featuring bacon.

In February restaurant chain Jack in the Box debuted its bacon milkshake, a 1081-calorie drink flavoured with bacon-tasting syrup rather than real meat. Denny's, an American diner that stays open 24/7, featured a maple bacon sundae as part of its 'Baconalia' menu.

Chocolate-coated bacon. <i>Credit:</i>
Chocolate-coated bacon. Credit:

It isn't just the fast food end of the market that is embracing baconmania. As well as bacon burgers, the Bacon Bacon food truck in San Francisco serves pork belly rolls, spicy belly fries, bacon caramel corn and chocolate covered bacon to a cult following.

Late in 2010 Oprah's 'O Magazine' featured a recipe for maple and bacon cupcakes created by the Cupcake Crew, a New York-based mobile cupcake van, while last year Nigella Lawson proved her love of the salty-sweet trend by appearing on the cover of 'Stylist' in the UK dripping with salted caramel. The famous chef also shared a bacon brownie recipe.

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