The Bachelors’ Tash defends her ‘villain’ edit

The Bachelors star Tash Candyce sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack the show and her 'villain' edit.

Video transcript

TASH CANDYCE: Really triggering with I think the bullying that went on in the house. Everyone says I'm the villain. But like, let's be honest. What have I done? Like I've told Jed, who I've been seeing that his best mate Felix, the guy the girl that he likes was seeing someone else.

And she had ample opportunities to voice that to him. And I just think you need to say that from the start. Hey, I'm in an open relationship with another guy. This is my deal. You know, but obviously, she wanted him to probably have some feelings for her so she'd get a rose. And that's what's happened.

And then the Jasmine thing, I said in a group, like you can say that all girls there, they all knew about it as well. And I was like, she's pissed off because she thought that I revealed to Jed on our one on one date that she had an OnlyFans account, and I didn't. So that reaction, I was like, 10 out of 10 girls, like, you know? And I haven't done anything.

You know I've been told to go drown, the spawn of Satan, I'm a bitch. And I'm like, what have I really done? Like I've just stuck to my morals and values. And it was really hard. So that was really triggering, because all the girls were attacking me. And I felt like high school. And that's why I wanted to leave because I was like, at what point do you say enough's enough? You know?