The Bachelors season ten teaser

The Bachelors season ten teaser. Source: Channel Ten

Video transcript


- In weeks to come, buckle up.

- Whoo!


- As Felix, Thomas, and Jed are rewriting the rule book.

- If you are invited on this group date, it means that you will be standing at the rose ceremony tonight.


- As rose ceremony has become an open forum where everyone has an opinion.

- I think that it was really awful of Tash to go out of her way to tell Jen.

- You weren't even there. You weren't even there.

- Ladies. Ladies.



- Tash, you're embarrassing yourself.

- Wow.

- I just feel like there is a storm brewing.

- In a season like no other, where single is a slippery concept--

- She actually has a boyfriend in the outside world.

- She's seeing someone at the moment in an open relationship.

- Oh, wow.

- Girls wanting to cross over.

- I love a threesome, but I just don't want to do it with my wife.

- I wasn't expecting to go into a relationship with a mum.

- And where freedom of choice is definitely a two-way street.

- There are certain qualities that I desire in a man which you don't possess.


So don't spend a rose on me.

- I don't think I can accept the rose.

- That's a real lady balls, and I commend her-- what a woman.

- Three times the bachelors might mean triple the trouble.

- Chaos after chaos after chaos.

- I've had enough. I just feel like you're trying to create drama right now.

- How does someone like that even [BLEEP] exist?

- Why is it always such a [BLEEP] performance?

- Standing next to him, rubbing her vagina on his knee.

- I appreciate that you're back, but you left.


- Oh, sorry.

- Do we have to keep doing this?

- But the chance for romance is more real than ever.

- I'm falling for you.

- I really want to pass you.

- You are just an unbelievably beautiful woman.

- Marriage is huge to me.

- I want someone to like love me for me.


- Is that a little purr?

- I've fallen for you so hard.

- I am falling in love with you.

- This feels like the beginning of falling in love.

- You're imperfectly perfect as yourself.

- Kiss me like you're single.

- Raising the stakes for the ultimate fairy tale ending.

- I'm completely falling in love with you. You make me want to better myself. I want to be with you.

- I'm in love with you. I want to be your man. I want you to be my woman.

- Will you marry me?