New Bachelor busted with MAFS star in major online fail

New Bachelor Locky Gilbert may be a Survivor, but the future Bachelor star’s reputation is already taking a hefty beating before the series even wraps filming.

Coronavirus social distancing laws have seen production halted mid-way through filming the show’s eighth season, and it looks like the man of the series has gotten a little distracted.

Locky Gilbert in official promo shot for Bachelor 2020
Locky is the new Bachelor, but that hasn't stopped him seeing a new lady back home. Photo: Ten

In an unexpected crossover of reality worlds (and from two different networks no less!) the hunky reality star was spotted with none other than MAFS alumni Aleks Markovic.

The 30-year-old reportedly returned to his hometown of Perth after shooting was stalled, the city Aleks also calls home.

The pair evidently met and started spending time together, as one major slip up online revealed.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the surprising connection when Lachie appeared ever so briefly in the background of a live interview conducted by Alek’s on Instagram.

Aleks Markovic poses in Instagram selfie wearing heavy makeup
A stumble on Aleks' Instagram gave fans a glimpse of a very surprising visitor. Photo: Instagram/aleks.markovic_

The blink-or-you-miss-it moment wasn’t captured on film or in screenshots but was confirmed by one half of the Perth party.

The former bride confirmed that the pair were together during the taping, telling the Daily Mail they met through friends.

“I was with Locky on Saturday night,” she said. “He's a friend of a friend, super nice guy.”

Courting controversy before dating show even airs

Locky has not had a smooth run with famous ladies so far.

Locky shocked a number of his original Survivor fans when he was announced as this year’s Bachelor, as they wondered what had happened to his blossoming romance with former teammate Brooke Jowett.

Brooke and Locky appeared on this year’s Survivor: All Star’s season together, and had fans starry-eyed with their adorable relationship, which many speculated was a blooming love affair.

But after Locky was suddenly announced as Australia’s most eligible single man, both fans and Brooke were left bewildered, the co-star revealing she had been planning an international holiday with her on-screen flame.

“Yes, I’m hurt and a little blindsided (excuse the pun) but I wish the best for Locky, I always will,” she wrote in an Instagram post at the time.

“It looks like I’m now going solo to Bali next month. Any takers?” she wrote.

“I guess we had different things planned in our heads for what was to come over the next few months.”

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