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Baby ‘snitches’ on parents in hilarious TikTok

This dad pretends to change his baby’s diapers to avoid doing the real thing, and when his wife found out, he accused the baby of “snitching” on him!

Jay and Sharon (@jayandsharon) are TikTokers and parents who share videos about their day-to-day lives and their experiences as new parents. Jay and Sharon have a great sense of humor and love making videos about parenthood with a comedic twist. In a hilarious recent video, Jay revealed how his baby “snitched” on him for pretending to change her diapers!

The video begins with Jay and Sharon holding their baby. “Somebody made a stinky!” Jay exclaims, then cradles his daughter in his arms and walks out of the room.

He enters the bedroom, the baby still nestled in the crook of his arm. “I lied,” he reveals. “There was no stinky. I do this when I smell clean diapers and sit around the room for five minutes.”

Jay lies down in bed next to the baby, and spends a few minutes on his phone. Then, he picks up the baby and returns to his wife. “Okay, all done!” he tells his wife, handing her the baby. “You change the next one.”

Jay’s deception not only gives him time to relax on his own, but allows him to avoid diaper duty! Unfortunately for Jay, Sharon became wise to his tricks. In the next shot, Sharon walks into the nursery holding the baby, and opens the trash can the family uses to discard diapers. She shakes her head, realizing that Jay has only been pretending to change diapers this whole time.

But Jay believes it was the baby who snitched on him! “After two months, my wife somehow found out, so I had to change my first diaper,” he says.

“Stop snitching on me,” Jay says to the baby as he begrudgingly changes her diaper. “I know you told mommy!”

But then, Jay discovers something amazing. He opens a drawer in the changing table, and finds his wife’s secret snack stash! “I only ate like six Cheetos before I heard her stomping over, so I quickly put everything back to exactly how it was,” he explains.

Sharon enters the room as Jay attempts to hide the evidence of his snacking. “You ate my Cheetos!” Sharon says accusingly.

“How did you know?” Asks a baffled Jay.

Then, he realizes. “The snitch,” he says, as he looks down at his baby. The video ends as “the snitch” begins to giggle!

Viewers were cracking up at Jay’s hilarious parenting story.

“That giggle at the end got me! What a cutie pie,” one viewer wrote.

“So funny! I love it,” commented another TikToker.

“You guys are absolutely adorable,” wrote another viewer.

With Jay and Sharon’s adorable baby around, no secrets are safe!

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